How to run an rm2k/2k3 game in testplay mode without an editor

Running rm2k and rm2k3 games in testplay mode can be very useful, you can use it for testing the game and making changes in the editor at the same time, and of course cheating if you don’t have an editor.

1. Go into the file of the game that you want to run in testplay mode.

2. Right-click and create a new shortcut to the RPG_RT.exe, call it debug mode

3. Right-click and choose properties, then change to the shortcut tab.

4. It should look something like this.

Target Type: Application

Target Location: KCA#4

Target: "C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\RPG 2003\KCA#4\RPG_RT.exe"

Start In: "C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\RPG 2003\KCA#4\RPG_RT.exe"

Shortcut Key:



To run it in testplay mode, we will add a command line parameter to the target string.

5. Add "TestPlay" (Case Specific) behind the Target string, changing it to:
Target: "C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\RPG 2003\KCA#4\RPG_RT.exe" "TestPlay"

6. Double click on the shortcut, it should start in testplay mode, you can tell because it will skip the logos.

Other Parameters You Can Add:

Note: Parameters must be in order, i.e. "TestPlay/BattleTest" "HideTitle" "Window" and so on. if you want to use a later one but not an earlier one insert the correct number of "q" infront.

"HideTitle" - causes the title graphic to not show up on the title screen

"Window" - causes it to start in the windowed mode

"BattleTest" - causes it to start in the test battle mode, like when you test a fight in the monster party tab, basically useless as you can not select the monster group from anything but the editor though


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Use "Window" to start in window mode. See ya.
Hmmm, I'm guessing that you just made up the extremely obvious "Window" up on the spot, seeing as how it doesn't work. Atleast, I couldn't get it to work for rm2k. does it work for 2k3 maybe?
No man, it's beacuse you must enter the options in a certain order. This is how RPG_RT.exe works:


That's the order of the parameters. If you write:

"Window" "HideTitle"

Only "HideTitle" will work, but because it's the second parameter. But if you write:

"HideTitle" "Window"

Anything works, because "HideTitle" must be the second parameter and "Window" must be the third. Then, the correct order is:

"TextPlay" "HideTitle" "Window"

To play in test mode, with hidden title and windowed. Or you can write this:

"blabla" "dsfgsdg" "Window"

If you only want the windowed mode.

This is for RPG Maker 2003, but try it in RPG Maker 2000, it could work.

See ya.
Oops, I have forgotten to write the parameters' order:

RPG_RT.exe "TestPlay|BattleTest" "ShowTitle|HideTitle" "FullScreen|Window" "1"

Now you can update your article. See ya.
Ok that works for both, thanks. Most programs aren't programmed to be so finicky.
Any character, including space, inside those quotes works. But if you want to make it stand out so you know what you blanked out, "_" "_" "Window"
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
author=GameOverGames Productions
Ok that works for both, thanks. Most programs aren't programmed to be so finicky.

Most programs haven't been written in Borland Delphi which basically inherited its command line parameter handling from Turbo Pascal (via the ParamStr function). Yes, RM 2k and 2k3 have been written in Delphi. Not sure about 95, but XP and onwards were written in C++ and Ruby (scratch the latter in favor of JS in case of MV).

This also goes against the common knowledge that C++ is the fastest language since 2k3 is way more performant than even VX Ace (which got close to 2k3 performance but couldn't quote reach it). There are no fast programming languages, there are only fast compilers/interpreters (source code may be the most competently written thing in the world, but if compiler/interpreter can't generate performant code, it's useless).
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