Mini-tutorial: Characters bend over when below 25% health

If anyone has been wondering how to make a character actually bend over at critical health and signify that he or she in fact does need healing, then here's how it's done.

Conditioning your Dying Allies
-Create an unnamed condition. You can name it if you want to make it extra obvious that you have a party member in severe need of a White Mage.
-Set the color to the fifth option. It will then match the color of your dying character's HP.
-Make it so that the sprite for your character is keeling over.
-Have it end after battle. You'll know why later.
-Nothing more, nothing less unless you really want to make your wounded character seem crippled. Perhaps you can play with conditional branches that way if a certain accessory is equipped, you can get an SOS-Whatever Buff. I'll talk more on that later.

Fight 'til You're Dying-
-Now's time for the main event... er events. Create one page where Hero X(whatever hero it is. You need to do it for every party member.) has his/her HP between 1% and 25%.
-For this event, you will have the unnamed critical status effect(Hope you didn't mix it with a bunch of blank spaces) inflicted on the character that the event is meant for.

Thanks Medic!
-There is another event necessary- the "cure." This time, set it so that your character's health is between 26% and 100%.
-This time, remove the critical condition from the target character.
-Test the battle until your character is battered. If so, then congrats. You have done it. Keep in mind that a good healing won't get your character up and going right away. They might have to attack or be attacked first.

Other Odds and Ends
-Within your critical condition, you could try coming up with a way so that when your character attacks, they may instead use a Limit Break Final Fantasy VI style.
-With conditional branches that state whether your character holds a certain accessory, you could instead substitute the Critical Condition for SOS-Regen or whatever.

-Any questions or comments should go in the boxes below.