A simple, script-free way to create a Blue Mage and have it learn skills

For those of you with RMXP, and have the urge to have a Blue Mage class, but don’t want to go through the trouble of scripting, the secrets of the RMXP event-style Blue Mage are now revealed!

First off, create your Blue Mage class and character. Let’s call ours Blue. Secondly, create all the skills you want Blue to learn. For the tutorial, Blue will be learning “Super Skill.” Then we’ll want to set aside a single variable (referred to from here on as “Chance”) and a number of common events equal to the number of skills to learn. Then, we create a State named Learn. Leave it as default, so it doesn’t affect any stats, and has a 100% chance of going away after 1 turn. Make all the Blue Mage skills inflict this state. Go back to your Blue Mage class and set Learn's efficency to A.

Ok! Set up is all done, let’s start with the eventing! In the Common event, we place something like this:

@> Control Variables: {0001: Chance} = Random No. (1…100)
@> Conditional Branch: {Blue} is {Learn} inflicted
-@> Conditional Branch: {Blue} is {Super Skill} learned
-: Else
--@> Conditional Branch: Variable {0001: Chance} (less than or equal to) 50*
---@> Text: Blue Learned Super Skill!
---@> Change Skills: {Blue}, + {Super Skill}
--: Else
---@> Text: Failed to learn Super Skill
--: Branch End
-: Branch End
: Branch End

*This sets the chance that Blue will learn Super Skill. I chose 50% as a default, but choose whatever percentage you’d like.

Add this Common Event to the Super Skill skill, and there you have it! A fully functional Blue Mage skill and learning system with no scripting whatsoever! There are only small flaws, like having that Common Event and the Learn state attatched to the skill, but if that bothers you at all (because it would be something only you would know, since Learn has no effects and the Common Event would never activate unless you used it on yourself) simply make separate skills without these additions for your character to learn.

If you use this in your game, please credit me. I appreciate it. ^_^


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Awesome code buddy! I'll be looking forward to more of your articles on how to code stuff if you come out with them. And I'll definitly give you creditXD
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