A helpful tutorial teaching you how to use events to create a stealth/avoid the enemies sequence.

Any ideas on improving efficiency and such is greatly appreciated. Also, any mistakes are the fault of the reader, because I have grasping a perfect language of english and Stealth events. :P
I hope this is clear and concise, if you have any questions that I may be able to answer, PM me, and we can find out!


Step 1: Making your map.

You better have this part done. Skip to 1a....

Step 1a: Changing the Guard

As in the map above, I have created an event with JUST THE GRAPHIC of a guard. There are no fancy inner workings driving this uncomplex character.

Step 2: Modus Operandi

Create a new event, it doesn't matter what you name it, but for ease of operation, we shall call this GUARD_MOVE. In this event, we shall create a new variable (or switch) that is turned ON when the guard is looking down, and off when he turns up. Set this event to Parallel Process, otherwise it won't run as one would hope it would. In this case, when the guard turns down, the "Look Down" variable is set to 1. So when that is done, we can probably move on to ...

Step 3: Let there be SIGHT!

This event is another parallel process. But this one is not straight-forward like the other one, this one is a freaking ONION of "If x, then y" where y is usually another "If this..."

To begin, you will create (if you haven't already) 2 variables. 1 is 'Player X' and the other is 'Player Y'. When you create the variables, it is VERY important that you set the "Operand" values to "Game Data, character, player map x,y" (Non-functioning mechnanic kind of important!)

Then build up the onion with conditional branches. Conditional branch 1, variable (or switch) is active. in this case "Look down" variable is at 1.

Conditional branch 2, when variable "Player X" is greater than or equal to the area you want set. You can determine the X, Y coordinates in the map editor by looking to the bottom right of the screen.

The number on the left is the X, and on the right is Y. If you ever are in doubt about which direction goes where, remember, "Y to the Sky." In the editor, the higher number Y goes down the screen though. And they start at block 0, not 1. So the VERY top left corner is 0,0. You can click anywhere on any of the cells and it will display the coordinates at the bottom left.

So you will set first player x to greater than or equal to the LOWEST number cell you want to be detectable. The do Player X Less than or equal to HIGHEST number cell that you want to be detectable. Do this again for the Player Y coordinates.

Make sure all of these events are nested within the original conditional branch of variable "Look Down=1". Then after all 5 conditions are set, you can do whatever you want to run after the guard spots you. In this case it is an exclamation above the guards' head, and the character declaring "Busted!"



This concludes the tutorial. This should be everything you need to know to complete your most BASIC of stealth events. Below you will find a short demo showing how you too can set up fancy stealth events with just a little bit of effort. Beyond this, I am just as lost as you. :P

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The tutorial seems useful but the images don't show up for me.
Thanks a lot! I'll try to make it happen.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Interesting mechanic, although crude, it can be put to great use! Thanks for uploading this tutorial.
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