Video Tutorial on how to change .ini file

The following is a video tutorial on how to make your RPG Maker VX Ace game RTP independent. This means that players will be able to play your game without having to download the RTP from RPG Maker Web. It also means you don't need to include the RTP with your game when you compress your game.

Step 1. You need to include all the RTP files you want to use. It's important to have the files that are in the database. The more custom resources you want to use, the more useful this option becomes.

Step 2. Open the folder and change the .ini file. RTP= RPGVXAce After the equal sign delete the rest of the line. At the bottom include this: FullPackageFlag=true

Step 3. Play test it to make sure the game doesn't crash. Don't just press play, start a new game. Once you have done this you're ready to start making your game. You can delete any unnecessary files later.