RPG Maker VX Ace without RTP

  • Tuomo_L
  • 04/07/2017 04:08 PM
It's every developer's biggest wish to make a game reach as big as audience as possible. To reach beyond the community of VX Ace, you have to be able to make the game function without the RTP. But do you really need every single item from the RTP included? Not only do you add tons of recources not needed for the game, you are basically beefing up the file size way past its requirements.

It's my pleasure to teach you how to make your game both light weight, as well as working without RTP, easily and 100% idiot proof.

Step 1: How does my game know it needs RTP?

If you release a game without RTP, your player will be greeted with an error saying "This game requires ACE RTP" or something along the lines. This is not good as they'll be unable to play the game. However, there is a very easy way to get past this.

First of all, go to your game folder and locate "Game.ini" file. You should be greeted with a file that's something along the lines of this.

Now looking at the Game.ini file you may have seen RTP file. Logically thinking, you can guess that by removing the RTP line you'd make the game work without RTP and you'd be right. There is just one problem. Everytime you do changes to the project and save it, the game adds the RTP=RPGVXACE at it. This is very aggrivating, especially if you forget to import something and have to come back to import it later, thus forcing you to go and delete the RTP line again. So how do you fix this?

As you can see, the RTP= is left intact however, the RPGCXACE part has been removed. This tricks the game to never finding the rtp, even when it's on your computer but never needing it. Save this change you've just made and you can close the Game.ini file.

Step 2: Making your game work

By now, if you've tried starting your game after this point, you'll probably start getting missing file errors. This is because your game no longer finds the games in RTP folder but rather in the game folder. What you want to do is import stuff from the RTP that you need for your game, the ones that give errors. Use resource manager and you can drag many items at once, importing them to your project. Make sure you test the game various times so that you've got all the game's bugs worked out. If you have the missing file error, your player also will have it.

Step 3: Releasing your game

After you no longer get missing file errors and are done with your game or want to release a beta or something for the public to admire, there's one last step for you to follow.

Making sure that the Include RTP Data is on, is esential. Now, you can just compress the game wherever you want, along with encrypting it if you need to.

Congratulations, now your game works with anyone being able to play it and it is not nearly as massive in size!


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Guardian of the Description Thread
As a viable alternative, wait, I've got a saved post for this:

What I've done more recently for VX Ace games is run Tsukihime's resource-checker (with a few edits) and create a self-extracting executable that has the necessary RTP files with it.

This method is not 100% fool-proof, as the script would not "see" any files that are used via other scripts. But, man, does it save a bit of time/effort!
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