Make chrono trigger-esque counterattacks for boss monsters.

Hey, all. This is my first tutorial.
I stumbled upon something pretty neat and figured it's a nice gameplay mechanic.
I figured "Hey, why not let everyone else know?"

This tutorial will tell you how to make Chrono Trigger-esque counterattacks. For those unfamiliar with what I might mean, it goes like this:

Say you attack a horned beast with a lightning bolt. You can have it either 'store energy in it's horn!' and force it to use a skill that buffs Attack/Magic/Etc, or even have it hit the party back with a powerful shock as revenge.
Or have a boss where anytime you use a physical attack, it counterattacks with physical, and if you use magic, it counters with magic.
That's just some examples, there's more room for creativity.

DO NOTE: This mainly only works for when you go against enemies that are alone.

I must say this can be -slightly- complicated, and there's much room for your own creativity/molding to your tastes. I'll try my best to explain the process simply.


First we start off by creating common events and switches. Make your first common event, labeling it something along the lines of 'Physical Counter'.

Then, in the common event, go to 'switches' and go to a fresh new page of unused switches, and start labeling them one by one after each element you have in your game. Let's say for example, Physical, Nonelemental, Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth.

Turn on the 'Physical' switch in the 'Physical Counter' common event.
Next, Make a Nonelemental Counter' Common Event. In this, turn on the 'Nonelemental' Switch.
So the same for Fire, Ice, etc.
For all the elements that you have or want to make counterable, make a common event that turns on the corresponding switch.

Now that you have a list of Common Events made, go into your 'skills'.
For each skill that you want to be 'counter-able', put the corresponding Common Event in the 'Effects' Box.

For example, say I had a skill called 'Double Slash'. I'd go to Effects, double-click a new line, go to the 'Other' tab, and turn on the 'Physical Counter' common event.

"But what if I had something like a fire slash?" You ask. Then do the same thing, turning on Physical Counter, but also turn on 'Fire Counter'.

Do this for all the skills you want to be counterable.

If you want normal physical attacks counterable, add the common event to normal attacks, then make a SEPERATE normal attack skill, and have all enemies use the new normal attack instead. That way enemies won't trigger the counterattacks themselves.
(To reduce your workload, you only have to really replace normal attacks of enemies that utilize these counter attacks.)

IMPORTANT: Make SURE you separate character skills from monster skills. If you have a monster that uses the same 'Fire Slash' a character might, it will turn on the common event and trigger it's own counter attack. Simply make another Fire Slash skill and take off the common event triggers.

This is where you can use an optional script to make it easier on yourself. If you have Yanly Base Troop Events, you can put a new event page on your Base Troop. If not, you would need to put one new event page on -each- troop.

Now, create a battle event page. Click 'Conditions: Turn: 0' so it activates at the very beginning of battle. Set the span to 'Battle' as well. In this page, have it turn OFF all the counterattack switches that you put in your common events. Turn off Physical, Nonelemental, fire, etcetc.

What this does, is so that when you use an attack that turns on a counter attack switch, like Double Slash turns on Physical, it -doesn't- stay that way.

If you didn't do this, say you used Double Slash on a random slime, the physical switch would be turned on. When you step into a boss that counters physical attacks, it would immediately use it's Physical counter attack because it reads the switch as on.

Therefore, you want a battle event page activating at the beginning of each fight that turns off these switches.

Now that all the preliminaries are out of the way, you can finally work on the enemies.

First, go to any troop that contains the enemy that you want to use counterattacks.

Create a new event page with Conditions: Switch Physical is ON. (or replace Physical with whatever element you want him to counter attack.)

Set the Span of this event page to 'Moment'.

Then in the actual page, use a 'Force Action' event and force the enemy to use the desired skill when the switch gets turned on.
Say I want a slime boss to counter with a Def Up skill each time he's hit physically.I would put 'Force Action - Slime - Use Def Up' then after that, turn OFF the physical switch.
- If you don't turn it off afterwards, the enemy will constantly spam the said skill over and over!

Now, whenever the slime boss is hit physically, he will cast Def Up!

If you want multiple counter triggers, make a separate event page for each element, with basically the same idea.


... and that's it! Your enemies can now counter each individual attack specified in their own unique way.