Easily keep track of highscores and add new ones!

High Score System
Version: 1.0
Type: Misc. Add On


Have a minigame in you're game and want highscores in it? Now you can with my highscore system.


  • Keeps track of highscores.
    Say 1st time you play you get 100. Then next time you get 50. After that you get 150. 150 will place first place and boot the 100 and 50 down


None Required


None Required(mostly because I don't have a minigame)


Okay first have you're minigame set up. Make sure you have a variable set up for the score.It'll also help if you have 3 empty actor slots for highscore labeling. So first here's what you need
  • Score Variable
    3 Varaibles named Score 1, Score 2, Score 3 (for highscore slots)
    And 3 empty actor slots. Name them all <empty> so that way is a slot on the Highscore is empty it will display empy.

Okay now after you're mini game set this up.

if [xxxx:Score] is greater than [xxxx:Score 1]
  Text: You got a highscore! Please enter you're name.
  Name Input: Actor: Score 1
  [xxxx:Score 3] set equal to [xxxx:Score 2]
  [xxxx:Score 2] set equal to [xxxx:Score 1]
  [xxxx:Score 1] set equal to [xxxx:Score]
  if [xxxx:Score] is greater than [xxxx:Score 2]
     [Text: You placed 2nd place! Please enter you're name
     Input Name: Actor: Score 2
     [xxxx:Score 3] set equal to [xxxx: Score 2]
     [xxxx:Score 2] set equal to [xxxx: Score]
     if [xxxx:Score] is greater than [xxxx:Score 3]
        Text: You got 3rd place! Please enter you're name
        Input Name: Actor: Score 3
        [xxxx:Score 3] set equal to [xxxx:Score]
        Text: You didn't place on the highscore list.
Text: 1st Place: \n[Actor Score 1's ID here] Score: \v[Score 1's Variable ID here]
2nd Place: \n[Actor Score 2's ID here] Score: \v[Score 2's Variable ID here]
3rd Place: \n[Actor Score 3's ID here] Score: \v[score 3's variable ID here]

Hopefully its all set up right.

Credits and Thanks

  • GameGuysProjects for making the system

Author's Notes