Tired of the boring 4 way movement? Look no further for a simple 8 way event system!

8 Way Movement
Version: 1.0
Type: Movement System


Tired of the plain boring 4 way movement? Well now you won't have to. This simple event system allows you to move in 8 different directions.


  • Move in 8 Different Directions
    Requires 1 Common Event and 1 switch for the common event






Go into your common events. Create a new one called 8 Way Movement. Set it to a Parallel Process. Set the switch to whatever one you want. Call the switch 8 Way.
Next we're going to make two conditional branches. First conditional branch go to the 4th page, choose button, and choose Up. Uncheck the set handling condtions box.
Now we're going to create the same branch except this time we'll change button Up to button Down. Here's how it should look so far.

Next we're going to create two branches in each of those branches. Confusing much? Okay so in the Up condition the first condition we're going to make is to check to see if the Left button is being pressed. So 4th page, button, Left. Keep the Set handling conditions checked. Now in the else area, we'll do the same branch except change left to right. This one you can uncheck set handling conditions. We're going to do the same thing for the Down branch. In the end it should look like this.

All thats left is to set the movements. Go into the Up condition and the Left condition. Now add a Set Move Route, set it to player, and check ignore if can't move. Then add a Move Upper Left. Add another Set Move Route under the Up and Right branch. Set it to player, check ignore if can't move, and add a Move Upper Right. We're going to do the same thing to the down branch. Just change move upper right and left to move lower right and left. Here's how it should be when we're all done.

Now just the 8 Way switch on to turn on the common event and it should work. Also turn off 8 Way during cutscenes and stuff.

Credits and Thanks

  • game_guy ~ for making it

Author's Notes



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Is there some kind of catch to this?

A youtube demo would be appreciated, btw.
You should make a VX version of this tutorial.
My Conditional Branch command only has 2 pages and "if button pressed" isn't an option.

Thanks a lot! Worked out well, though the instructions weren't very clear.
You should make a VX version of this tutorial.

This Is A VX Version
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