Should be self-explanatory. When you use the attack command, your weapon unequips and is lost

I made the simplest form of this. The real thing would involve replacing all weapons with three sets.

First step:
-Turn (1x) in Monster Groups
-Branch if (Character) Fight used.
-Variable PartyMember (1 to whatever number party members, this is to identify who attacked)
-Common Event: Breakable Weapons

Second step:
- Make Common Event: Breakable Weapons
- Branch: if PartyMember is 1 (2, etc)
- Branch if (Character) IndestructibleWeapon equipped, End Event Processes
- Else
- Here you make the condition for break. You can have an event that adds or subtracts towards a limit, or you can have some sort of deal where you roll a random number over 100 or something. The first is just adding up and then when the built-up number is equal, it shatters (used up). The second, the random number chance would operate like this:
- Go back to the Monster Party page. On page 1, where I normally have Turn 0x for battle start events, assign a Monster Party level as a variable. Do this for each page.
- Go back to the Common Event, make BreakChance variable 1 to 100 (or 1000 if you want this uncommon). Set the Condition as if BreakChance is greater/equal to 100. This means, if your monsters are at level 1, the maximum you go is 101, giving you two chances to break, while attacking a level 80 monster group is a max chance of 180, meaning quite a few swords will break.

You know what, I might just do the latter. The other one I had it build up to a certain number of uses, but this works better.

I uhhh, can't explain this well, so I'll just do pictures.

Essentially, this is very open-ended, but you are making items either "degrade" by lowering a variable to 0, or randomly break as shown in the pictures above. In the following example, I tied it to a game hardness switch, so Hard or Medium mode broke weapons, but easy did not.