How to make a unique chest that doesn't use ANY switches

Okay, I made myself crazy for years on RpgTsukuru 2k3 because it doesn't have local events, trying to figure out how to do a chest without (a) wasting all available switches making Chest1 Switch, Chest2 Switch, Chest 567 switch and (b) without being tedious or confusing or broken. I tried using variables, and switches (but quickly found out it doesn't work right). Then I tried to use DynRPG to help out. I made a sort of matrix with columns and rows, which makes very unique "switches" but the problem is it's confusing to write, and I think it didn't carry well if you switch save files. I tried using my FileControl plugin, but wound up having the same issue. Either it saved over all coming files (terrible idea, btw) or it didn't seem to work for the second save file.

Then I facepalmed, and was like "I'm an idiot." It's simple, RpgTsukuru does not have local events. What it does have are Heroes. Heroes are often overlooked, but they can do two major things, (a) checking their name allowing for password events, and (b) checking their SKILLS. And no, the party member doesn't have to be in the party, meaning we can create dummy heroes (for example: <TownName>) and give them the skills (Chest<#>). This means that if you have ten chests in one town, you can save on the number of switches entirely, and split chests between different towns.

In other words, if Town1 have 28 chests, you add Chest1 to Chest28 as skills. Then you check whether Town1 has Chest 18 as a skill. If it hasn't, you haven't opened the chest this game. Once you move to Town 2, their chests are a different hero, so they can be reused. In my case, I used Main Game and Game Plus (GP), since I mainly worried about the game not the town.


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Occasionally this will glitch. I have no idea why. I opened three chests once and the third said it was empty. Rechecked and it said 1000 gold in the code. Reloaded and opened in a different order and it worked fine. It's possible thar it's not great at opening higher to lower numbers or that I opened too fast and one of them didn't get a chance to check the number so it somehow shared the space.

Weirder code gets weirder glitches.
So you create a dummy hero for each map that has chests? That seems like more of a wasted space than simply using switches.
So you create a dummy hero for each map that has chests? That seems like more of a wasted space than simply using switches.

No. You create one dummy hero called Chests (unless you're planning to have loads of chests) and give them dummy skills. The only point in which it make sense to have one per area is if you are running a game like Lufia II and you have like 40+ per area.

This is 99 switches that can be better used for eventing. I personally have over 700 skills sets aside for actual batter, but was still able to reserve 99 skills, and between two game sections, this adds up to 198 for the price of 98. By about 10 or 12 areas of 40+ chests, it begins to make sense as that's now at least 400 chests you could have used the switches for eventing.
That's actually quite ingenious, I never thought of using this method to do conditional checks. I'm pretty sure it can be useful for a lot more than just chests.

I'd probably personally name skills Dummy1-50, then name characters accordingly to how they'll use these skills: Chests 1-5 will give me 250 chests out of these 50 Dummy skills, for example, but then again I could have Quests 1-2 for quests, Enemies1-5 for enemies slain (so they don't respawn, etc) that sounds pretty dope. (Although, for non-respawning enemies, this doesn't quite work because we can't use this as a condition on the page itself, only on a conditional branch)

anyway thanks! This is really cool
you don't even need to name skills (duh), you can just use the skills you'd normally be using since these dummy heroes won't be used as party members anyway.

this behaves similarly to objects in other languages that can exist in multiple instances each with separate attributes -- i mean, an actor is exactly that, except you can't create object types in rm2k3 so you have to make do

there's probably much more stuff you can do similarly to this. Uh, off the top of my head, this does work for monster encounters, too, although that's a really obvious parallel, and you can't use skills as page *existence* conditions, only within conditional branches.

edit: i cannot believe i literally said the same fucking thing i said in my last comment because i only read the first sentence and i didn't think i possibly would've thought about this back then
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