This Tutorial is how you put a Emoticon on the Hero or the NPC

This Common Event is already Pre-Built or something like that but you can change it to however you like to so go ahead..

Heres the link to both the Animation and the Common Event:
Common Event for Emoticon

So the Common event consist of two option:
Here as you can see:

1: Emoticon - is what type of Emoticon you'll use:
Here we got a list of Emoticon:

It is a total of 10 Emoticon so Yeah kinda lot hehe lol

2:Location - is where the Emoticon will be called there's a total of 7 option...
Here as you can See :3

The Hero: Calls the Emoticon to the Hero...
Caller Event: Calls the Emoticon the the Caller of the Event...
Member 1~4: Calls the Emoticon to the Member/Party...

how it WORKS?

1.Just Select the Location
2.Then Select the Type of Emoticon you want...



Note: This Common Event is really just meant for some conversatstion... So don't move the Screen of the Hero, cause it'll be trouble :3