Replace the loading spinner that appears with your own GIF.

  • Soulrain
  • 11/14/2021 04:49 AM
Remember back when RPG Maker MV let you replace the loading image with your own? MZ took that away. But in this tutorial, I'll show you how to replace the loading spinner with your own GIF.

Before I continue, credit goes to narcodis for helping.

You will need:
- A code editor
- A new loading image (preferably a GIF)

First, open up the CSS folder in your RPG Maker MZ project. Then open up Game.css.

Then, scroll down to where it says #loadingSpinner and #loadingSpinnerImage.

Replace #loadingSpinnerImage with the following:
#loadingSpinnerImage {
    background:url("(image name).gif");
    width: (width)px;
    height: (height)px;

and replace the width and height of #loadingSpinner with the width and height of your GIF. Then save your CSS, and drop the loading GIF into your css folder. You should be done after that!