Guide also featured in the SMBX Editor Help File

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This is from a forum thread at SMBX forums relating to custom NPCs. It is also featured in the SMBX Editor Help File.

Guide also featured in the SMBX Editor Help File
-By Redigit and Blue

While the feature is implemented in SMBx. It is not part of the actual programs user interface. All custom NPCs are set just like custom graphics and are done manually by the user creating a file in the game folders. In the folder for the level you wish to use a custom NPC in, you will create a file with notepad (a program that comes with your computer) that is named the same exact as the graphic file of the NPC you wish to alter.

For example: If you wish to make a goomba not able to be stomped, you would do the following.

Create a new .txt file in the desired levels folder.
Name the .txt file npc-1
Open that file and then place the following text in it.
and then save the file.
Now in the level in question, the goomba will no longer be able to be stomped.

The following flags can be placed in the .txt file to effect the npc. If you want to set a flag to yes, put =1 and for no =0

NPC Player/World Interactions Flags

grabtop= Can Mario pick it up and carry it?
grabside= Can Mario grab this from the side and carry it?
jumphurt= Will Mario get bounce if he jumps on the top of this NPC?
playerblock= Will the player treat this NPC like a block?
playerblocktop= Can the player stand on this NPC?
npcblock= Will other NPCs treat this NPC as a block?
npcblocktop= Will other NPCs walk on this NPC's head?
noblockcollision= Passes through blocks.
cliffturn= Will it turn around when it comes to an edge, rather than falling off?
nohurt= Will not hurt the player if set to 1.
noyoshi= If yoshi can't eat it, set this to 1.
nofireball= Setting to 1 prevents fire from harming this NPC.
noiceball= Setting to 1 prevents ice from freezing this NPC.
nogravity= Is uneffected by gravity if set to 1.
speed= How fast it moves. (Percentage) 0=0% 1=100% 2=200%

score= How many points the NPC should give you upon its death/collection. Score can be set to any number from 0-13. Each gives a different amount of points listed below.
0 give 0 points
1 gives 10 points
2 gives 100 points
3 gives 200 points
4 gives 400 points
5 gives 800 points
6 gives 1000 points
7 gives 2000 points
8 gives 4000 points
9 gives 8000 points
10 gives a 1up
11 gives a 2up
12 gives a 3up
13 gives a 5up (anything higher than 13 will produce a 5up as well.)

NPC Appearance Flags

foreground= This will be drawn in front of other sprites if set to 1.
frames= How many frames the sprites animation uses for a single direction.
framespeed= How fast the frames of the sprites animation change. 8 is Normal.
framestyle= 0=No Directional Sprites, 1=Left and Right movement, 2=Left and Right movement and inverted (upsidedown) if Held.
gfxoffsetx= Moves the graphic in a specific direction (X) -1 is up, 1 is down.
gfxoffsety= Moves the graphic in a specific direction (Y) -1 is left, 1 is right.
width= The NPCs hitbox width (in pixels)
height= The NPCs hitbox height (in pixels)
gfxheight= Only set if sprite height is different than Hit box height.
gfxwidth= Only set if sprite width is different than Hit box width.
This is a list of every custom NPC command in SMBX. Good luck with your NPCs and I hope that this topic reduces confusion.

Also check out the Red Yoshi SMBX Graphics Pack:

Or, this more recent compilation (to which I added to):

This pack contains several edits and new NPC graphics, including the appropriate .txt files needed.


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ok thanks. it'll help with a lot of my things that i'm doing in SMBX: AFA
i need help! i tried making a custom npc with the txt. file and stuff but it just changes the graphic. im tryng to make a golden mushroom the gives 5up.
I don't think you can change the underlying logic of the NPC you are attempting to modify. I believe that the behaviour of the NPC cannot be changed (so, you can't change the 1-up NPC to award 5 lives.)

So, yeah, you can only change the graphics and the way the NPC interacts with the game (grabbing, no fireball death, speed, etc...)
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
Edit the score of a golden shroom and change the graphic?

stupid double post...
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
Edit the score of a 1-up shroom and change the graphic?
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
No. Just wondering if that would work for a golden 5-up shroom.
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