Learn How to Import Map Graphics for Network RPG Maker 2000

Hello there. Welcome to the 1st installment in the Nedango Works! Series.
In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to import new graphics for your Map into your Network RPG Maker 2000 Project.

First, what you need to do is choose a graphic.
For this tutorial, I will be using a the RMVX System Graphic, TileC.
Located in(by default): RMVX\RTP\Graphics\System\TileC.png

Once you open the TileC with MSPaint, you will notice that the background is WHITE.
When using Network RM2k, you will always need to import files which use a BLACK background.
So use your paintbucket tool and paint all the white into black.

I will be using the first Cabinet at the bottom of the above screenshot.
Cut it out, and save it into the default NRM2k directory where you find the Map Folders...
"Network RPG Maker 2000\preset\map"

I saved mine as Cabinet01.bmp

Next, inside the NRM2k program, select the Map Editor(selected by default when the program starts)...
And hit the Green Square Button for Import...

That will bring a Window up of all available graphical resource already imported and ready to use in your game.
Now hit the Add button...

Next you will be asked to locate the file which you want to use.

Remember, we put it in "Network RPG Maker 2000\preset\map"

This will bring up another screen.
The next screen will let you select the part of that image you want to use for your Map piece.

Select what you want to use, and hit OK.

Next, we will need to fix the alignment of the image being used for the Map piece.
So, select the graphic you just added, and hit the Properties button at the top right of the Import screen.

You will be greeted by the Alignment screen.
Here, you can tell the Program how many blocks this Map piece will use(i.e.-1x1, 2x2, w/e), and where the alignment is.
The Teal Square in this window represents the BOTTOM of the Object.
Move it accordingly... I have mine like this...

After that, make sure the Object you've been editing is selected, and hit OK.
This will put the new Map Object in the first available space on the Current Map Tab you are viewing(i.e.-Lower 1, Middle 2, Upper 3, etc.)

Select the new Object, and place it on your map.

We have successfully imported our own Map Graphic into NRM2k!


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