Some programs that you can use to improve your RM2k/3 games.

The reason I am writing this article is to show you some programs that you might have never heard of before and can improve your Rm2k3 games greatly. So, lets get off to a start.

Download: http://downloads.crankeye.com/rmreckerb2.exe Size: 668 KB
This handy tool lets you customize your game by adding new Glyphs and Logos to your game. In RM2k3, only one logo is allowed, so use the Logo 1 choice. Upload your logo, and then, choose the executeable you want to patch. Also, glyphs can be added to your games, simply by saving a glyph picture, click the Glyph section on the left menu, choosing your glyph picture, and then choose and patch your executeable RPG_RT file. If you are wondering what a glyph is, it's one of those symbols that show up when you do something like this. $A. I have a glyphs, so if you want one, please email me at loki123546@gmail.com. Also, you can patch your own Icon onto your games. An acceptable Icon is the limited 16 x 16 pixels. What you can do is open your RPG2003 folder inside your C:\Program Files\ folder and then, copy and paste the RPG2003 Icon (it says RPG2003, and below it, should be the size and Icon), to your desktop. Then, open it in paint or any other program and edit it, and then, save it. However, it MUST be 16 x 16 pixels. Now open RMRecker, choose Icon, upload your Icon Graphic, and patch the executeable like the glyphs and logos. In RM2k, you will be able to have three logos, but the same amount of Icons and Glyphs. Only one glyph and Icon can be patched, but you can re-patch to change your previous Icon/Glyph. Makes sense? Lets move on.

Download: http://www.kobrasrealm.net/downloads.php?7 Size: 856.5 KB
Ifranview is another of those really useful programs. It can convert .PNG, .JPEG, .BMP, and whatever into any kind of picture file, without losing colour, or resolution in any way. This is recommended for 2003, since sometimes you get the error "Unsupported PNG Image", and you can't import .JPEGs. So, install Ifranview and choose the Open option, choose your picture, and then choose Save As, and choose a 256 Bitmap. Save it to your desktop because that's the easiest place to look for your resources.

MyWindow Size: 321.8 KB
Download: http://www.kobrasrealm.net/downloads.php?id=8&d=1
MyWindow is a useful program that lets you upload system-sets, and then, you can create your own message windows and even complete CMS files. Then, it is recommended that you convert them with Ifranview into a 256 Bitmap and then import it into your game. Also, it understands RM2k/3 coding, like \c would get the second colour on the system set to change the colour between \c and \c. Pretty nifty!

Download: http://www.kobrasrealm.net/downloads.php?14 Size: 9.4 MB
This is a very useful program. It creates videos AND screenshots for your game, so you can upload the videos to RMN or Youtube, and the screenshots to RMN. It's a lot packed into one program. However, the download takes time for Dialup.

Font Changer
Download: http://mods.whahay.net/ATARI/hosted/crazyfonts/chgfont.exe
A very useful program that allows you to change the default RM2k/3 font to any font you have installed in your system. This could be very useful!

Power Patch
Download: http://mods.whahay.net/ATARI/hosted/crazyfonts/Power_Patch_v0.3_Alpha.zip
This very useful program adds a scripting language to RPG Maker 2k/3. RGSS is used to create scripts and such. Here is how to apply the patch:

1. Open the PPConfig.
2. Choose your Game Executeable.
3. Open the Patch Folder.
4. Copy everything inside the patch folder into your game's main directory.

To create your own script:
1. Open the Script folder.
2. Copy and Paste the Mainloop.lua into the same folder.
3. Rename the copy of MainLoop.lua to what you want to script's name to be.
4. After renaming, open the Mainloop.lua within WordPad.
5. Delete everything written inside the script.
6. Create your own script, or copy and paste one from online. However, I recommend you get rid of the MainLoop script because that makes your game wacko.

What I recommend is that you try this on a template project so you don't mess up your own games.

Some notes for this patch is that this patch lets the user use RGSS, to put in scripts like Mode07 into a RPG Maker 2000/2003 game.


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This is pretty good. The only program i have here is Irfanview.
I forgot to add- please note that the Power Patch adds to your game size by 998 KB, and it adds the file RPG_RT.BAK into your folder. If you delete the BAK, your game's scripts will not be able to function. Also, the Power Patch is still in it's alpha beta stage, so that some scripts may not be able to function as you would like. Applying the Power Patch also lets the player use the mouse for some actions, but the arrow keys are always defined as the movement keys. The mouse is not able to move the character.

Go to RPG RPG Revolution to find the Mode07 script for RGSS. It should work. Anyways, I am still trying to find some programs.
I downloaded the Font Changer, but I'm not sure how to use it....German isn't a strong suit of mine.

That Power Patch sounds rather risky.

Sorry for that hard words, but what you wrote there about my Power Patch is completely RUBBISH.

Power Patch adds a scripting language, thats true, but not RGSS but Lua. So you CANNOT use RMXP scripts with RM2k(3)!!! It only allows you to script complicated thing like AIs, save and load variables by script, use all keys & mouse in your game and such stuff. Just look at the demo.

AND: The final version v0.43b is out: http://cherry1.ch.funpic.de/pp043.rar

I'm working on Version 0.8, which will include an english help file.

That thing with "RPG_RT.BAK" is rubbish too.

To install it, you have to:
> Rename your rpg_rt.exe to rpg_rt.oex
> Copy everything from the "Patch" folder into you project folder
> Open the demo game in RM2k and copy the three common events to your game
> Make (in your game) a autostarting event which calls the common event "Power Patch Init"
> Change the scripts as you like them

Now the second topic:

> Just click on the "..." button and open your rpg_rt.exe
> change the font names; the first one may be 14 characters long, the second one only 10.
> you can click on the "test" buttons to test the font you have chosen
> by clicking "übernehmen" the new fonts will be applied to your game

HERE IS A BIG LIST OF TOOLS FOR RM2k(3), JUST TRANSLATE IT USING THE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR: http://www.multimediaxis.de/showthread.php?t=105858

I hope I could help you.

greetings, Cherry
Oh, I have forgotten: THE MAINLOOP SCRIPT IS NECCESSARY!!!!!!!!!!!! As the name says, ITS THE MAIN SCRIPT! Do NOT remove it, as loki said, just change it!
I tested the Power Patch on my computer, and it worked, but now I want to remove it, and the Script won't be deleted because it is "being used by another program." I don't want the extra file size, so how can I remove it?
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