First article on creating a realistic DBS. (RM2k3)

This tutorial is about creating the first step in a DBS, ranged weaponry. However, I won't explain weapon durability just yet. By reading, this tutorial will teach you how to utilize the use of arrows as ammo for your character's bow weapons.

First, to create a bow & arrow utilizing system, you must first have a bow weapon. Here are the steps.

1. Increase the avaliable array size for the "Item" database. However, it must be more than five more than the original number.

2. We are only going to use one item for this tutorial. Create a item and name it "Arrow". This will serve as the ammunition for the bow. Set the price to about 4-8G.

3. Have your hero equip a bow. Next, move to the Monster Groups in the database. (M. Groups)

4. Within the M. Group database, create three new battle events. On the first page, set the event trigger condition to if hero "Zack" (first hero) uses the Attack or Fight command.

Within the battle event, create a variable operations. You should "Set" it to a new variable called Total Arrows, and set the number of arrows held when choosing the "Item" option.

Create a new branch condition. Make it Variable "Total Arrows" 1 or more (add a Custom Else Handler). Within the space (not the custom handler) do item management and remove 1 arrow. This allows the character to attack, and one arrow is used up.

Now, within the else condition, create a branch condition and set it to variable total arrows 0 or less. In here, create a message like this:

MSG: "You do not have enough arrows!"

Then, after the message, create a Change Equipped Items command and then un-equip the bow that your character has.

That's all! Now, you can use your bow with the arrows. Just remember, after the bow has un-equipped, you can attack, but you only use your fists for this battle. Be sure to buy 99 arrows at any shop while you have the money to do so.

Tutorial Notes:
+ The Bow/Arrow system can only be used on a hero that has a fixed item, a weapon "Bow". This will not work with any other party member that cannot equip a bow.

+ The arrows will serve as the whole party's arrows. You will have to create arrows that are labeled with A, B, C, D, indicating which party member uses them.

+ This will only work with one hero. Copy the page created and then do the same thing, except now choosing another party member and another set of arrows if you have created another set of arrows to be used with a certain party member.


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Kind of rudimentary but I suppose it works.
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