Here is a way to easier program NPCs for your game.

This is a tutorial explaining you can create a NPCs really fast in your game without having to code a NPC.

First, create a new event on the (1, 1) square of your gaming map. Call it NPC0. On the first page, create a comment, saying what page goes to what NPC.

Next, figure how many NPCs there are going to be on your map. Now, add the corrisponding amount of pages for the NPCs on the map.

To create a NPC, that uses this event, create a event that is the NPC you want it to be, set it's walk graphic, etc, and then, inside the Event commands, call the event NPC0 (map event) with the corrisponding page that this NPC gets. Now, you only have to program the NPC0 event to say what you want it to say with the NPCs.

After all the pages are set, add one last page to it. This page is totally blank and has Action key as it's start condition. Here is the layering:

1st Page
Contents: Comment of what page each NPC gets
Start Condition: Action Key

All NPC pages
Contents: What the NPC does (actions)
Start Condition: Action Key

Last Page
Contents: None
Start Condition: Action Key

This is so the player cannot press the action key over the event and mess the whole thing up. To avoid this, create NPC0 or move NPC0 to a tile where the player will NOT go, such as a pond, etc.


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Seems unnecessary, and this event ends up taking up more space than individual NPCs.
Sorry- I was a little late to respond. Sorry about that. However it may be useful before you actually code the NPCs because if you accidently delete one, the code in it won't be lost.
I don't really understand this. Lol.
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