Design a mastery system like Monolock.

Sorry about the late submission, but it took time to compile everything here. I will also be releasing a couple more tutorials, so I have a lot on my hands right now.

This tutorial will show you how to create a Mastery system, a system of learning skills and using them in battle. This is used in Monolock.

Alright, here we go. Start with creating a totally new monster group, with no monsters inside, just start with the first page of the battle events. Set the trigger condition to 1x+1 turns elapsed. Within this page, create a branch conditions if a switch called "Mastery Unlocked" is OFF first, and add a else handler.

Inside the branch (not else handler), add a variable operations which adds 1 to the variable "Mastery Points". Next, add another branch conditions which happens when Mastery Points hits a certain number, which you can set to any number you want. Now, don't do anything in the page anymore.

Go to the Common Events tab and then create a new common event that does what you want it to do, either increase statistics for your character (I will also teach you how to reverse this) or etc, like damaging or killing all enemies. However, when you add the skill, ALWAYS set it to a switch. (This won't work as a certain type of spell except switch.) Make this event trigger when Called.

If you have set a event in which it increases the character's stats by a bit in battle, we need to reverse this at the end of battle. Create a mew evemt that is the exact opposite of what you created, and tell it to remove the same amount of stats that you have added to your character.

Go to the skills tab. Create a skill that you can name anything you want, and set the switch to: (Skill Name)ON. Make it only avaliable in battle.

Next, go back to the monster groups and then inside the branch if the variable Mastery Points hits a certain number, tell that to add a certain mastery skill to each party member. Then, change the switch "Mastery Unlocked" ON.

Create a new page. Now, we are almost finished. Within this page, set the trigger condition to Switch: (SkillName)ON, and then, inside, add a show battle animation to either the party members or the enemy, and if it's a booster/mod skill, call the common event that changes your character's stats. Otherwise, create a change Monster HP and remove a certain number of HP from the enemy. That's all to it. Keep creating pages for these master skills, and at the end of each mastery skill, set the switch Mastery Unlocked to OFF, and remove the skill for the party member that this skill belongs to. If you haven't used the other party members skills yet, don't worry. They can't learn two of the same skill.