Preserve your screen tints- looks much sleeker than the other methods!

  • Puddor
  • 01/25/2012 11:25 AM
Hi guys! Thought I’d post my quick and easy method of screen fades for RPG Maker XP.

To begin with, this method uses the Picture 1 slot. If you use any other images throughout the game, you may want to set the image to a higher slot. In case you didn’t know, the higher the image number, the higher it appears in the stack.

This is all handled by common events and is very simple, so let’s get started.

Anyway to begin with you will need a pure black image of 640x480. You’re only going to putting this event code in once, so it doesn’t matter what you name it.

Fade In:

To explain what this does, it calls the image into existence completely transparent, then sets it to move (but it doesn’t!), 20 frames, to 255 opacity. This creates the effect of the picture ‘fading in’. The wait is to allow the event time. You may want to increase this wait depending on how you want to use this.

Fade Out:

Basically this does the opposite. It fades out the picture before erasing it so it’s not clogging up the game’s processing.

The best thing about this method is that it preserves any screen colour tones you may have and allows you to set up Parallel Processes that permanent have the screen tinted a certain shade. Without the Fade In/Fade Out options like RMVX, turning the screen black could be minorly painful, but this will help you sort out your woes.

Additional Note: Remember to call the second common event after the first! They work in conjunction with each other and if the second one isn’t called it will permanently black out your screen (effectively breaking your game)!

Thanks for reading!


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Yea, this should be the go-to method for fading.
This is pretty much my method o' choice too.
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