This tutorial shows you how to import battlers into RM2k3 to use in it's gauge battle system.

This tutorial is going to show you how to import battlers into RM2k3 and use them in it's side-view battle system. Doing this will turn the battle system into the default RMXP battle system, except there is an ATB bar. Please note that this tutorial won't work in the traditional battle system if you are planning to use battlecharsets. Also, this tutorial won't need a bit of code, so it's basically just graphical. (the game directory isn't changed either)

Getting the battlers for the game.
First of all, you need the battlers for your game. I recommend going to to get them if you don't already have RMXP. If you already have RMXP, create a new folder and copy and paste the battlers you want in it. The battlers MUST be colored in, in the transparent area because white doesn't always work in RM2k3. The next step is fairly easy.

Importing the battler resources into your game's directory.
To do this, you need Irfanview, or a RM2k project that is completely empty, or just try to import it in directly in RM2k3's "Battle2" folder as a Large animation.

If importing it in RM2k3 doesn't work, we need to create a New RM2k folder. Then, open your battler folder that you have created to store all of your battlers, and edit all of them. All of them MUST be saved as a 24-color bitmap if you don't mind having a little bit of shoddy graphics. Then, import them to the new RM2k project's Picture folder as an .XYZ (make sure you have colored in the backrounds first). Close the RM2k project, and go to your RM2k3 project. In the RAW Materials Settings, import all of the .XYZ battlers you have imported into the RM2k project's Picture directory.

Making the battler animations
Go to the animations tab of your game's RM2k3 database. Count how many battlers you have imported and then create the same amount of animations. We are going to use the Aluxes battler as an example.

On the animation page, name your battler, such as XP-Battler1. In this case, I'm naming mine Aluxes. Set the frames to 1, and then, change the battle animation to the Large Animation of the battler you want to this animation to show. It MUST be a large animation. On the first and only frame, click on the tiles with a character anmation and place it on the frame. There has to be at least two tiles. Right click both tiles and set the magnification to around 70-85%.

Next, go to your Animations 2 of the database. Right here, create a new battle character set and name your characterset the same name as your animation so you can tell which animation goes with who. Move to the Animation Type and set every type of animation to Battle Animation, and choose the corrisponding battle animation directly from your animations database. After all of your character sets have been made, we move on to the battle system.

Utilizing the battlers in the battle system.
In the Battle Layout tab, select the battle mode "Gauge". This is so your battlers can show as battle characters.

Now, for the first character, move his battle character placement spot around the map until it is diagonal Upper-Right with the portrait of the first battle char face. For the second hero battle character, move his placement spot a little bit to the right of where the first battle character placement spot is. Do the same with each character (that are playable). Experiment with this until you are satisfied with the character placements. That's all you need to do!

Conclusion and notes.
Now, when your turn comes, your battlers will flash, indicating you can command that character. Also, the battlers can have battle animations shown on them, as well.

+ Monsters must be placed at the upper part of the backdrop.

+ If you have weapons that have the command "Step Forward", "Jump Forward", or "Move to Target" animation types, set that to (None).

+ If the battlers are a little too big tweak the magnification size a bit.

+ Backrounds with message boxes fit the characters well, as it almost completely mimics the RMXP RTAB system.

Something you should NOT do
+ Don't use the Row command. Battlers would move left and right, which would throw the whole thing off. Unless you want battlers unnaturally "Attached" to each other... I wouldn't recommend using the row command.


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How exactly would this work with the Row command??It seems to me that it would throw the whole thing completely off.?And it can't be removed from the battle command list either.
That's the tutorial's flaw. Removing the ROW from the menu isn't going to be enough. You're right, though, it would throw the thing off.
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