Some simple mapping techniques on creating pretty maps.

So, this is my first tutorial submission. I have a couple of these tutorials over at rpgmakervx.net, so I've decided to post it over here as well, to help out aspiring mappers. :) I've been inspired by the mapping styles of both Ara Fell and Adela Isra ( both games had gorgeous, eye-popping maps ).

Does this look appealing to you? Read further! ^^

That's right, folks. I'm gonna show you guys a step-by-step guide on how to create the above map. You are free to use different variations of the valley map. I'm not asking you to create it exactly as is. This is just how I go about creating my maps in Enelysion.

So, what is it I need, you ask? Well,

-Mack tiles ( including the auto-tiles ),
- This sunbeam graphic.

- You are also welcome to use whatever trees matches the Mack color palette.

Right, let's get started. This map is based off the default RMVX map size, which is 17x13.


Adding ground cover.

First start off by filling the entire area with the Mack grass-auto-tile. Then use the pencil tool to create longer tufts of darker grass. Scatter them randomly, to make it appear more natural. Then use the dirt auto-tile to create a path.


Adding the cliffs.

Use the cliff autotile to create a border on top of the map. I usually map the top part of the cliff first, to get an idea of what I want my cliff to look like, then I add the cliff-faces. It shouldn't be too hard. Be random and you'll be fine. :)


Adding trees and foliage.

Scatter some trees and vegetation around the map. Adjust it as you see fit. Try to avoid lining up vegetation in straight rows. It will break the natural order of things. Nothing in nature is perfectly straight.


Adding atmosphere.

Follow these commands as is in a new event tab. Set it to a Parallel Process. You will need the Weather Script for the Script call. It's not necessary, though.



Playtest, and viola! 5 Easy steps to achieving a great-looking map with no parallaxing or tile-swapping. :) Hope this helps aspiring mappers out there. I plan on making more tutorials in the future, so stay tuned! ^^

Just for the record, this is what on of my in-game maps looks like using the above process. I'll be posting a couple more of these tutorials in the future.

Hope you found this tutorial useful and informative. :)


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Very nice, I'll defintely take this tutorial to mind. :D
Lone Wolf, or something cool.
Nice tutorial, one question though:
-Can you post a link to Mack's tiles and the sunbeam graphic?
Thanks in advance!
Lone Wolf, or something cool.
I thank thee :D
who created the sunbeam graphic?
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