Need some good common events to spice things up?

Ok first I'll start off witha jumping no matter where you are. Go to you're Database and click on Common Events and input the following.(NOTE:Coding will be in rpg maker 2003 format) One more thing the xxx's are the #'s and name of you're variable

Key Input Proc:
Bracnh If Hero Up Facing
Move Event: Hero Begin Jump, Move Up, Move Up, End Jump
Branch If Hero Donw Facing
Move Event: Hero Begin Jump, Move Down, Move Down, End Jump
Bracnh If Hero Left Facing
Move Event: Hero Begin Jump, Move Left, Move Left, End Jump
Branch If Hero Right Facing
Move Event: Hero Begin Jump, Move Right Move Right, End Jump
Make it parallel process and make the switch activate jump. We're not qutie done yet. Now go to items and make an item for example called Jumping Shoes, make it a switch item and make it turn on the switch Jump Activated. Set it to unlimited uses and in the key input i used shift key but you can use any key like action or cancel but shift really doesnt have a job in rpg maker. On to Time Telling,

Go to common events and we're going to have to make a few things again. The first common event name it Time and have three variables called Seconds Minutes and Hours. Set it for a parallel process and make the switch Time On. Now enter this

Wait: 1.0 Sec
Variable Oper: +1
Branch If Var Seconds is 60
Variable Oper: +1
Variable Oper: Set 0
Branch If Var Minutes is 60
Variable Oper: +1
Variable Oper: Set 0
Now in your intro make sure the switch Time On is turned on. Now to the Next Step. Say the variable Hours is #3 and minutes is #2 and seconds is #1 so now go into another common event call it watch and make it a parallel process. Make the switch watch. Now make this message, I am going to refer teh varaible #'s are the examples I put above.

Message:You've been playing for \v Hours
\v Minutes, and \v Seconds.
Switch Oper: Turn Watch OFF
Now go into items make a watch make it a switch item and turn on the switch Watch. Make it have unlimited uses and it should work.

Later Coming from rm2k3_rulez:
Full out bank tutorial:Best one you can probably find.
How to set up slot machines:Very simple ones though.
Making a casino and buying coins like on all those pokemon games.
And many more.

(NOTE:Sorry I have to stop production now. I have researched and really got into rpg maker 2003 so I can make alot of tutorials. I have to stop now cuz its 11:30 here and I am in school. Got any requests? Post a comment ehre and I'll get to them. after school tomorrow I'll post more of my common events. And Later a very clear step-by-step guide on how to make a simple mario game.


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I think you can simplify the first part. Instead of checking to see which way the hero is facing, I think you can just do "start jump", "move forward" "end jump". Or something like that. There's a forward command, anyhow.
Looking forward to the slot machine tut. I think I already know how to do it, but i'll check it out anyway.
Chartley:No he has to be facing a certain way or he wont jump up or down or left or right. If you take that part out he might just jump up and not jump anywhere else.
Yes I know this because I've tried it myself.
Actually, the forward command works. It moves the way the character is currently facing. The game will freeze if your jump lands on something that you can't walk on, unfortunately.
Liberty, does that only happen with the forward command? I thought checking the "ignore impossible moves" would fix that. I could be wrong. I'll test it out.
So I tested this out, with the code being:

Input Key Processing (shift key)
Branch (If variable = 7)
move event hero (begin jump, move forward, move forward, end jump)
variable change back to zero
End Branch

This works perfectly, I found. As long as the movement event has "ignore impossible moves" selected. If you're two tiles away from something impassible, your hero will not jump at all. But if he's right next to an impassible tile, he'll jump over it so long as there's a passible tile on the other side. I encountered no bugs of getting stuck.
Forgot that little box. ^.^;
You have some good ideas, but the article could be formatted better, because it's a bit rough on the eyes, especially given all of the code.
Ok I'll format it a bit better after school today.
I tried this with a little RTP map I cooked up, and it turns out you can jump straight through trees.
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