A Message engine based in Lufia using pictures

  • gadesx
  • 09/07/2012 01:33 PM
Hi, this is a engine for make messages like Lufia 2, and with scroll!
It uses 2 variables for the npc position, and based in these positions it show the message, and a lot pictures that cover the texts, and after make 'em deleted it show the text behind.

Its actually use 3 templates, for 3 lines messages, 2 and 1 lines.

- Its can be showed above the npc you want, or any event automatically
- With a switch it can be changed to scroll for text or instant display for the message
- Custom language for script
- Custom font (I use mywin for make the texts)

- If you go near a corner and talk with a npc it can be no appear correctly
- the windows size have a fixed size, so if you want to make another type of
message with spaces after the dialogue you will have to change the scroll manually.

All the instructions are in the demo:
Lufia Message system 0.1

Example of how looks:


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The effect does look good, but this tutorial is very lacking in explanation and adaptability.

First of all, I don't know how to use My Win. I opened it up and it's not obvious to me how to use it. I suggest providing instructions on that part, too.

Secondly, you don't explain any of the code. I've opened up the project and I get a vague idea of what your doing but this isn't something that would be easily added to an existing project. In fact, it's damn near impossible(without tons of tedious work) because of the amount of picture usage. It will no doubt conflict with the picture ID's of the rest of the game. It uses like 300 of them! Also, it appears that this requires you to make a picture of every dialogue in the game. That's nuts. I imagine you could use the Text plugin to draw the text instead of creating a picture for each one. If you number the picture ID's just right the text will appear above the blue background but below the covering images. It might require a slightly different setup, but would at least make this more feasible.

That screenshot doesn't serve it's purpose, as it can't possibly show the scrolling effect in a single frame(did I mention it looks good?). What is shown in the screenshot can be done with about 4 lines of code using the DynRPG Text plugin, more to determine sizes and positions. It would also only use 1 picture for the blue text background image.

I don't mean to shit on what you did, it's a clever solution, but this is just too inefficient to be worthwhile, regardless of how good the effect looks. Something like this really needs to be written as a DynRPG plugin, not done with a million tiny pictures. Someone might want to use it. It won't be me xD
Mywin is really easy, only select how you want the text and press the play button for generate the text as picture, obviously if someone wanna use this must know well a lot about pictures and coord, a system made with a plugin can be better of course,
but actually for me I first make the dialogue only in mywin and save it in picture folder, copy to the npc the template for 1,2 or 3 lines, that every one call an common event for every size of the dialogue box and works fine,

about the LOT of pictures is because is the only way I get work for make the
scroll, without use scroll the call common event don't will be used
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
Interesting little plugin. This would do well with dynRPG.
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