How to create a password using "dummy" heroes and name entry.

Making a password system in RPG Maker 2k3 is surprisingly easy.

To start off, make an extra number of “dummy” heroes equal to the number of passwords you’ll have in your game (name doesn’t matter, but we’ll use “PASS” and only one password for this tutorial).

Create a new event in front of a door or wherever. Create a new event command:

Message: Enter Password to proceed.

Afterwards create a Show Choices Event:

Show Choices: Enter Password/Do it later

Under “: Handler,” create an enter-name event for PASS.

Enter Hero Name: PASS

Do this next part carefully. Create a “Conditional Branch” event, go to the second tab, and select the “Hero” bullet. Select the “PASS” Hero, then select the second bullet (Name is ). In the entry box, enter your desired password (for this turtorial we’ll use “Spazz.”). So if you want the password to be “5565”, you would enter “5565” into the entry box.

There, the big part’s done. Now it should say

Branch if PASS Name is Spazz

Under the above heading, put what ever you want. Open a door, get a message, get an item, whatever the reward is for knowing the password. Example:

Message: Password correct.

Then under “: Else Handler”, put something like a message or punishment. Example:

Message: Wrong password!

The just leave everything else blank, unless you want to add something under :

Now when you type in “Spazz” you can go past the door!


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.. in all honesty.. i think i just spent a week looking for a "insert password" option.. i feel really special now. thanks for making my work easy ^_^
I read it, and it was pretty helpful, since i'm relatively new to RM2K3. Thanks!
Has ANYONE bothered to look at this...?
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