Usefull trick for cutscnes.

  • hkoz
  • 08/30/2013 12:53 AM
Hello everyone, first I would like to apologize for my poor English since I am Egyptian.
This tutorial will be about how to summon a creature, a useful trick to be used in cutscenes. I am assuming that several people discussed how to use it inside the battle before, I think I have seen some before.Anyway, This will also discuss how to use a trick to freeze time, so without farther delay let's begin.

Here is the scene that I am about to teach you how to make...

#You place your desired event, as much as you want, in the map.
#Each event that you want to be affected by this summon must have at least two event pages:
a)The first would be what the event normally does
b)The second should have a switch condition on it and should be empty.

Now let's begin our event:
-Create an autorun event or a parallel process, however it may suit your scene.

-Add some text if you like for the incantation.

-Add an animation used for the summoning to begin. (I prefer the "Ball of light").

-To it a little FF-like you can tune down the BGM and tint the screen a little.

-Add a sound effect for your summon to appear.

-Now is the part where it will finally appear, but first for some extra effect we will create a background for it.

-Use show picture command to place your summon, but you must adjust its transparency to 0.

-Use move picture command and adjust the transparency to your desire.

-Time for the creature to appear. Use the same trick that you used for the background image, i.e Show then move. *The creature image must have an number larger than the background or it wont appear.

-For some extra effects we will use a flash screen and a sound effect before a the effects of the summon appear.
-Tint the screen completely gray to imply that time has stopped.

-We turn on the switch that you assigned to the event thus making them "Freeze".
-We can also add extra effects by changing the blending type of the background picture.we can also tint both pictures for more effects.

-Use move picture to slowly make the two pictures disappear over a set period of time.

-Choose how much time you want your time freeze to wait then after that period erase the pictures,return the tint to normal return the bgm volume back to normal.

-A few wait commands could make it more natural as I did in this example.Timing this correctly is crucial.

-Use can use any other form of summoning other than time stop, for example you can make a certain creature appear, attack the events then disappear. you name it.
- For your summon pictures you can use the battlers pictures, you know those are not meant to be used in battles only. The same goes for the battles backgrounds you can use them as parallax.
-You aren't supposed to use it for cutscenes only *Whisper* "Maybe you can use it as a skill".

#I hope this was useful for you... Shokran=ありがとう=Thanks ^_^