This topic mostly covers some "hidden" stuff in VXAce's Tilesets.

This topic mostly covers some "hidden" stuff in VXAce's Tilesets. I say "hidden" because majority don't notice it haha.
But if you highlight or select a tile, this happens:

What is this for?
I think it's unavoidable that some tilesets would raise a few questions on what they are. I am also one of those people that can't understand tilesets until someone tells me what they are or if I was able to magically use them right.  
How do you make the editor reference that? It's really easy actually, just make a txt file with the same filename as the tileset you want it to describe. The real problem however is how it's listed. I had to make a reference list for myself so I won't get confused! The numbers indicate how they'd appear in the editor. For empty spaces, you have to add NONE as blank spaces aren't counted.
Tile A1

Example Text File:
Sea Water
Water A (Grass field)
Interior Water
Sea Water (Make sure to check the editor and see if it displays differently. Technically this should be set as NONE)
Water A (Snow field)
Water B (Grass field)
Water B (Snow field)
Water C (Grass field)
Water C (Snow field)

Tile A2, A3, A4
They all follow the same format in labelling. File dimensions doesn't really matter except you know, the number count. It's Left to Right until you reach the edge, then new line.

Tile A5
Tile A5 sheet is long, but you get the point.


Tile B, C, D, E
The highlighted black part are the ones that are counted first, then it goes to the next half.

By the end, you will end up with something like this!

And that's about it!


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Very useful - thanks! I'm sure everyone will appreciate this, since the tile labeling is an underused feature.
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Can you post a template explaining how autotiles are compiled and pieced together in the engine, from the awkward tileset layout?
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