Create shops and organizations with exclusive benefits for members!

  • pianotm
  • 12/01/2013 02:49 AM
This is relatively easy to do and odds are, you'll be able to figure this out without a tutorial. How easy, you ask? You only need one switch to do it. The rest is building your guilds as you like.

If you were like me when you were a kid, you always wanted to be a member of a club. Clubs have exclusive privileges, special member cards, and it didn't really matter what they were, but you wanted them. It all just sounded cool. Also, if you were like me, once you were in club, you realized it wasn't that cool after all. Well, with RM2K3, you can show us all what your idea of a club is.

First, you need the club. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how to make a building and a map.

Now think: What does your club offer? Well, that's up to you, but I'm going to use a typical mage's guild.

Now, in my example, for my game, I've decided my mages don't learn spells by leveling up. They have to buy books and learn from them. This was for the purpose of realism. A real sorcerer or sorceress would read (and write) books, and this is how they would acquire the bulk of their factual knowledge. Thankfully, absolutely every spell can be put into a skill book.


If a mage doesn't have the money to learn a spell, he or she could always buy cheaper skill scrolls. For example, the Book of Venom may cost 40 gold, but a venom scroll with just one use may only cost 5.

1. Create a regular store (make it look like the kind of place a mage would keep; lots of books, a crystal ball...etc., etc.,) complete with store counter and wizard character running the place.

2. Create a series of books and scrolls that teach spells. How you do that is simple: Open your database, go to item, click on an empty field in your items window, select skill book in your “type” drop down menu, decide who can and can't use it, select a skill from the skill learned drop down menu. Create an appropriate title and description, and click apply. Set a price. Creating a skill scroll is just as straight forward. I recommend you create a few of these for your first shop. After all, what kind of shop has only one or two items?

3. Create an event: Set Trigger Condition to “Action key”, Event Layer to “Same Layer as Hero”, Movement type as “Stationary”.

Open Shop Window and set to buy only (This is a matter of preference, but think about it; if you go to an electronics store that buys and sells and you try to sell them an outboard motor, are they going to buy it?).

Add the items you created to your shop. Now you have a shop. But you don't have a guild.

4. Add the message, “For just 1000 gold (or whatever price you like), you can join the Mage's Guild. Would you like to join?” Next, select show choices: yes or no. This creates a yes or no handler. Under the handler, create a conditional branch. Select “Money is at least 1000 or more”.

Under “Branch if money is 1000 or more”, select Change Money, and remove 1000 gold from party.

Add the message, “Congratulations, you are now a member of the Mage's Guild.”

5. Now, what is one of the attractions of a club? Everyone knows you're a member. So let's create a special item that identifies you. Go back to your event and finish up your conditional branch handler. I like to add Jingle 2 sound effect when I get a new item. Let the player know, “You have received the Magus Locket (or whatever you decide to call your ID). Wear it always so that you can be identified as one of the Guild.”

6. Create Switch 0001: Mage's Guild. Finish up your handler. “Sorry, you don't have enough money.”

7. Now, what's the point of being the member of an exclusive club if there aren't any special benefits? What do you get? Discounts? That was never a big lure for me. Items you can't get without being a member? That's what hooks me, and that's the whole point of the switch. Create a second page, check the first switch box and select 0001: Mage's Guild, and copy your Open Shop handler with all of your items over to your second page. Add one or two items, either abilities that you decide to hold back from non-guild members, or items with abilities of your own creation.

WAIT! You're not done yet. True, you can limit your guild to just one location, but where's the fun in that?

For every Magic Store you create, simply repeat the above steps. In fact, it would probably be easier just to copy the event and alter your stores accordingly.


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Hm, the biggest hook for me would be a place to hang out with other mages and special side-quests. Basically the best part of Elder Scrolls.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
This is actually a really cool idea! Wanting to use RM2k for nostalgia, aesthetic and simplicity, this Guild/Club system like a great way to spice up the usual shops and ability-learning. :D
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