A simple tint. That is all it takes to make an ordinary map... extra-ordinary.

This is a preeeety popular tutorial of mine over at RMW, so I decided to share it with you lovely people over here as well. So, what is this tutorial about?

The Screen Tint. Yes, that's right. The Humble ( Underused ) Screen Tint. Now, you're probably saying, "Screen Tints? Whaaat? I never use that sh*t!"

Nah, nah, nah. My friend. I'm going to show you just how much power this humble feature really has. Let me proceed. The tut is for VX mainly, but you can still use the tint values ( obviously :p ).

I ask only a little of your patience and a few on-hand scripts to make the most of this tutorial. This tutorial, I promise you, will make your maps seem infinitely better once you get to understand the usage of tints and subtle lighting effects. Even a boring RTP map will look great after you are done reading this tut. ^^

You will need: apart from your map, obviously. I can't live without these 3 scripts.

- Woratana's Multiple Fogs script
- Ccoa's Weather script ( I'm not sure if it avaliable for Ace, yet ).

Tints for areas used: I use visual examples as well, so at least you know what it looks like.

LOTS of IMAGES coming up! Most of them are from earlier versions of Enelysion.

The first 3 numbers stand for your Red, Green and Blue values. The last number is the amount of grey used.

Forests: -34, -51, -75, 34

Magical forest: -85, -51, -51, 17

Warm caves: -34, -51, -68, 85

Cool caves: -51, -34, -17, 68

Hot areas: 34, 0, -17, 0

Run down areas: -34, -17, -17, 85 Heh, Laine's old sprite. ^^
Portside towns: Same as above, with less grey.

Main towns: 0, -17, -34.

Nightfall: -102, -85, -34, 85

Near Sepia: -34, -34, -68, 153, this setting still allows a little bit of the maps colour to show through.

Cloudy/stormy weather: -85, -51, -34, 119


Now, many of you would have noticed the subtle light and shadow on most of the above maps. How did I do it, you ask. You will need Woratana's Multiple Fog script for this little trick to work ( since VX and Ace don't come with Fogs, unfortunately ).

All I used was a simple cloud graphic ( I made my own, because RMXP's one is horrible ) and I'll show you how you can create your cloud graphics as well. All you need is any version of Photoshop ( version 7 or higher ). I'm using version 7. No images, unfortunately. ><

Step 1:

Open up a new document 256x256. Make sure your colours are set to the default black and white.

Step 2:

Go to Filter - Render - Clouds. Hit Ctrl-F twice.

Step 3:

Next, go to Image - Adjustments - Threshhold. A good value here would be between 95-100.

Step 4:

Go to Filter and add a Blur to soften the edges. Save it as a PNG after naming it, and put it in your Pictures folder. The 'Shade' graphic shown in some
of the below examples comes from RMXP.

You're done! ^^

Original Tut can be found here:

I hope this tut will be of some use to people ( even if they are jumping like rats from a sinking ship from VX to Ace. XD )


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I've always looked at this tutorial with tints. I thought I saw it on here but I guess I was mistaken. Great read!
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