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Shadow Hearts' Judgment Ring system
Design your own battle system and minigames based on this template.
10/03/2011 06:30 PM
The RMVX Database: Part II "A Class on Classes"
An explanation on classes in the RMVX database; the second part in "The RMVX Database" tutorial series.
09/20/2011 10:12 PM
The RMVX Database: Part I "Making a Hero"
An introduction to the RMVX database, as well as an explanation of creating a playable character in RMVX.
09/18/2011 04:35 PM
Path Finding
Find the shortest path from one point to another
09/04/2011 01:17 AM
How To Import Monsters Properly
A brief demonstration on how to properly import monsters without a box around them in-game.
08/22/2011 04:27 PM
Don't Repeat Yourself
Simplifying scripting with the DRY principle
08/15/2011 08:11 PM
Retroactive battle events and data-executing subset skills
How to create a subset skill that is able to target monsters and run event code by Magi
08/07/2011 03:41 PM
RMXP stats
What the stats does and some tips in assigning stats
07/29/2011 06:18 PM
Tactical Battle System Movement
How to move in similar fashion of a TBS
07/20/2011 02:02 AM
Video tutorial of how to make a cave in SMBX
Step 1. Open SMBX editor.
07/19/2011 07:11 PM
Pointers in Rpg Maker 2k(3)
How to use pointers in Rpg Maker 2000 and 2003
07/17/2011 09:09 PM
Falling Leaves
A RM2K3 tutorial on creating falling leaves using sprite events.
07/16/2011 01:18 PM
No Scrolling Images
Easy solution for this BIG problem
07/15/2011 05:04 PM
Creating a Visual Novel with Renpy Part 2
Courtesy of Generic User
07/12/2011 01:54 PM
Creating a Visual Novel with Renpy Part 1
Courtesy of Generic User
07/12/2011 01:52 PM
Local Switches in rm2k3
How to make switches reusable for different areas by use of variables
07/12/2011 11:51 AM
Mapping Tricks: Falling Leaves
Tricks to spice up your map by Meiscool
07/12/2011 04:41 AM
Introduction to pixel movement in rm2k3
Want to find out how much work there really is to doing basic pixel movement?
07/11/2011 09:06 AM
Tutorial: Adding Videos To Your Game (Part 1)
RMFlash is maaaagical.
07/07/2011 12:25 AM
Boulders on switches
Want to be able to have switches on the ground detect objects on them?
07/04/2011 05:44 PM