Title Source Info
Game Maker Platforming Tutorial
A basic platforming tutorial for begginers
10/25/2012 11:25 PM
Lufia Message system
A Message engine based in Lufia using pictures
09/07/2012 01:33 PM
Basic guide to making quests [Updated]
Basic guide to making a quest
08/22/2012 04:25 PM
RPG Maker VXAce Damage Flow
An infographic to teach people how the damage/recovery is calculated in vxace!
08/19/2012 01:12 PM
Customizing Name input
Basic guide to customizing your name input
08/14/2012 06:27 PM
Adding custom menu options
basic guide to adding menu options.
08/10/2012 03:10 PM
A Noob's Guide to Eventing - Part 2
Conditional Branches of (slightly more) Complexity
07/26/2012 05:11 AM
Guide to simple tileset edits [Rearranging, clumping and recoloring]
Learn to edit your tileset for a customized look with very simple tools.
07/21/2012 01:36 PM
A Noob's Guide to Eventing - Part 1
The basic of the basics
07/15/2012 07:58 AM
"Good" rm2k3 event coding
How to code performant and practical in rm2k3
07/14/2012 03:06 PM
Weapon By Ranks - Setting an Actor's Weapon Rank
Adds to the useability of a script since it really gives you no way to set the Weapon Rank of members who would join your party later in the game. They'd all start out with zero weapon experience.
06/29/2012 12:18 AM
SMBX: Potion Doors
How to make potion doors work in Super Mario Bros. X
06/05/2012 12:32 AM
Double tap to dash
Action style: same key pressed, twice the speed!
05/17/2012 01:16 AM
Parallel + Action Key Events
A simple way to make a parallel map event act like a normal event.
05/11/2012 01:14 AM
Custom Stats Improvement in Addition to Level System
Show how to make custom stats-improving system just like ff2 (Works on RM2K3)
05/08/2012 03:01 PM
Luchi-chan's Lighting Tutorial.
How to achieve simple tints and light effects for your maps.
05/01/2012 08:12 AM
Simple Systems : Lockpicking
A short tutorial about making a lockpicking system in-game which doesn't require scripts etc.
04/10/2012 09:57 PM
More Realistic Graphics Using Selection Tool
Use the selection tool to make graphics visually more satisfying
03/28/2012 09:28 PM
Transfer save files to sequel games
How to start a different game while keeping progression
03/28/2012 08:18 PM
Random Transitions - Simple
Allows the user to change the battle transitions to make every battle start fun! Yay..?
03/11/2012 11:32 PM