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Mark and Recall
Remember the Mark and Recall spells from Morrowind?
02/19/2010 08:09 PM
Death Spikes
Have spikes that hurt you as you step onto them at the wrong time.
02/15/2010 07:04 PM
Redd's Awesome Guide To - RMXP EVENT COMMANDS
ALL the event commands are here for you to learn!
11/07/2009 03:43 AM
Adding Shadow To Any Character Set
This guide teaches you how to add shadow to any character set.
07/04/2009 11:40 PM
Blue Mage Class Without Scripts
A simple, script-free way to create a Blue Mage and have it learn skills
10/02/2008 12:00 AM
Real-Time Battle System Part 1
A real-time battle system with no scripting!
11/07/2007 12:00 AM
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