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I'm back. Did you miss me?

No. Probably not.

I think I came here a few years back under a different username when I was dealing with a substance abuse issue, posted a bunch about drugs and Satan in the introduction forum, and then split.

Anyways, I'm sober enough to stick around this time, and I've gotten some work done on a couple games, so I figured I should drop by.

I'm an oldfag in the RPG Maker community. I still remember waiting all morning for newly-translated RM2K3 to download over a 24kbps connection... I think I was eleven then, and found RM2K and RM95 a year earlier.

Was mostly a lurker, but was active at a few different forums, including Calibur Games, where Colt (PTEI/WID) and Mr. Big T (Dooms series) were most active, under the name PTEI_addict, and then something else after I was sent to a correctional facility and couldn't remember my password when released.

I was psychotically obsessed with PTEI and Dooms (well, all of Big T's games) as a kid, even made a "Church of Big T" cult with my middle school friends, and ended up in long-term treatment later that year (coincidence or not).

Mr. Big T deleted the Dooms games off the internets immediately after talking with me about this stuff a year or two ago, so I can only assume he got troll's remorse and deleted fucking everything once he realized that children were influenced by his games, but I talked to Colt a few months ago, and apparently, he's still active, and a new WID game is being released.

Next to nobody probably remembers me in the RPG Maker community. I'm better known now for other things.

But game creation has been a passion of mine since I've been a little kid, and I wanna finally get off my ass and make some games after lurking and learning the tricks of the trade all these years.
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