Star Stealing Prince

Hey Ronove! Playing through your beautiful game again and I accidentally hit PgUp while in a battle. It said something about "Custom skills" not being defined (in programmer/geek language) and crashed the game.

probably a problem with VX itself, but just making you aware. I promise, I'm not trying to break your game, honest!

Anyway, I did find the radio I was talking about. You're right, it was in Richard's house.

I'm actually showing this game to someone else, we love it because ofyour awesome puzzles and serious attention to detail~ Just throwing some more praise your way.

Also saw that stuff on your blog about you being sick, hope you feel better :3


Star Stealing Prince

Alright! I'm still re-starting just in case, besides I was a bit frustrated and I wanted to look at various differnt things.

I went bak and was looking throughc omments from the very beinning of the game's development; I like how you did eventually make sure that almost nothing can be Lost Forever, and that you kept the bosses "hard but fair". And that you outright rewarded people for playing like adventure game players. Look everywhere, talk to everyone, multiple times, until they start repeating themselves, and this game is a lot easier.

I also love the hand-drawn art, the watercolor look to everything, the combat menus, the distinct roles of the party but along different lines than the norm... in short, pretty much everything. The story is also awesome and I like how you leave enough hints everywhere to give you that creepy feeling down your spine if you're paying attention.

Kudos. Sooo much kudos, Ronove :D

Edit: There is one tthing I noticed. You used to be able to examine the radio/phonograph/whatever and Snowe would mention that it sits silently, only playing static, but he used to remember it playing beautiful music. It's in poor little Anastasia's house, but it doesn't examine anymore. Did you deliberately take it out?

Black Shadows

Is the current download the complete one?

Surreality: Fabrication Of Time

Oldschool adventure, huh? Count me in! *downloads*

It'd be neat if you could put a link to the first game in the description where we can get t it without searching for it.

Dance of the Immortals

THis looks amazingly cool! Can't wait to see more and learn more about the project. What's the demo look like? It sounds a little like Suikoden, with the different-characters-all-weaving-into-one-storyline element. Totes keeping this on subscribe!

Star Stealing Prince

Oh, no, it's fine! I'm just glad you got it all sorted out, is all!

A lot of professional developers create a fix list when they release a new patch or content for their games, lots of indie developers, too. It's usually a .txt file included with the installation or on their website and gets updated with each new release. It'd be nice to see it in some of your later games! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next, your art is beautiful and the SSP storyline is so intense. Even if my exernal did die and the backup save I had on my computer was at the beginning of Chapter Three... and I was in the Sepulcher on my main file.

If I use an old save from 2.0 with 2.1, will it cause problems? I'm thinking of starting over anyway.

Star Stealing Prince

I think that was mainly some really odd grammar fixes. 2.0 had the RGSS2.exe crashing error fixed, so 2.1 was just a few little things I kept forgetting.

I also went back and re-read the comments and stuff, something about some things in the ending happening that weren't supposed to?

Star Stealing Prince

By the way, what are the differences betwen 2.0 and 2.1? If I can ask. They're not listed anywhere, it'd be nice to know what your fix notes are.

Master of the Wind

If I download the latest version of the Complete game, and I had the first Complete version, would it be possible to transfer my save files? Or would I need to start over?

Edit: Excuse me. I somehow managed to misinterpret something that you guys said, I realize now that there is only one version o fthe complete game. Silly me. *headdesk*

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm

Haven't played yet, though I'm probably gonna download the public beta and give it a shot, but I'm suggesting that perhaps... make a multiclassed character level up/gain new abilities more slowly than a single-classed character? Or perhaps make a sub-class' abilities less powerful than their main-class equivalents?

Edit: Alright, then. Started to play through the game and the tutorial section, fighting barbarians in Corinthe... One little nitpick thing oticed so far, whenever Felix uses his speed-me-up ability the animation appears underneath the leftmost enemy, not near Felix's portrait or whatever.

Another minor bug. During the scene in the forum, the background music runs out after a while, doesn't start back up again until you go up the stairs to where the bandit chief is.

Okay, I see what people mean about the Lionel/Clara thing. First scene with her in it, etc., and it's playing out like a bad romance novel. In the next major update, I'm hoping you'll have changed the scene around a little to be not so melodramatic and a little more... genuine. Still, first version and all - just handing out my advice.

I think it would be a little more emotional if we got to see a little more of their relationship, maybe in flashback? Possibly at the point where you currently have the fade out to black and him calling her name. Right now, I'm not really feeling any tension between them except "I said I loved her, girl dies". His telling Aelia he wants revenge... just not feeling it. But, again, first draft, here.

Also, referring to Clara as his 'lover' just seems a little cold, but then again, it might be a cultural context thing. "Lover" to me refers to someone you're having intimate relations with, not someone you've had a relationship with for a long time. "My love", yes, "my lover", no, at least, not to me. Words you could use instead... girlfriend, future bride, one true love... all would work just a bit better. At least in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Aelia and Felix seem like much more real characters than Lionel, who's supposed to be the main protagonist. I think your attempt to give him some real internal conflict backfired a little bit, here, because it's jst serving to make him kinda more... stereotypical and cliche than actually conflicted. It would be better to leave him an enigma right now and develop his backstory later through flashbacks, at least in comparison to now.

I know, I'm giving more advice on story than gameplay, but story is what hooks me the most. I'll deliver anoter update when I've gotten a bit farther in, or the next time something hits me.

EditWhatever: Sorry, One more nitpicky thing. Aelia's the general of an army. Why is she wearing a dress?
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