Artist and game developer from France living in the US.
My previous work includes artwork for Monster Crown, Indie Pogo, LISA: The Hopeful, Karrion Killer, etc...
I created Where the Moon Goes At Night, Beetle Ninja, and Karrion Killer.

BEFORE ASKING TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEMS: Most issues reported to me are a consequence of improper download, thus redownloading the game is recommended above all else. If the issue persists, please contact me privately.

Q: Can I use your art assets in my game?
A: If you're ripping assets from my work directly, absolutely not.
Q: Is it possible for me to post about your game on my website?
A: It would be an honor! Just notify me ahead of time, and link to one of my own download links.
Q: Can I make a fangame of your work?
A: Sure, why not.
Q: Can I use your characters in one of my games?
A: Usually nah. I typically only lend out my characters to my game developer friends.
Beetle Ninja
Saving the world sure gets stressful sometimes.
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