Star Stealing Prince

holy crap is been 3 years sins i play Star Stealing Prince man time sure fly the is so dame good game wish there is Star Stealing Prince 2 or something after the good ending >_>

back then i dont know there 2 ending *good and bad one* if i only know i well NEVER play this game without guide thank god i get the good end if i get the bad one and dear good the image in Picture folder i am not going to sleep anytime soon >_<

Forever's End

2016 still wait for 2nd season of this best game (T_T)

Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

sorry for late reply i was waaay hook to the game i forget to reply it XD

anyway thanks man :D

Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

it well be nice to play this game if only i can read -_-

i am not sure if Fonts can fix this sins i did Install it so how to fix it?


wow look waaay too good to be true O.O

Fighting Robots Quest

so is there update today is 2/3/2016

Neo Jado

wish the creator come back and make update for this game is so dame good T_T


Fighting Robots Quest

abut Mechanical or Genetic i am not sure what the difference? is like real Robot or Super Robot?
version: Genetic

first Simurion: Alt Eisen Riese
*is so dame hard to take Alt Eisen Riese or Cybuster (>_<) wish i can take both *

to Boulon plz plz plzzzz add Granzon and Astranagant and Dis Astranagant

Fighting Robots Quest

first questions of the day

how to get in (>.<)

this is before the end of the demo
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