I am in love with these kind of games... Dolls are the best thing you can put in a horror game <3
Edit: I need to admit it, the 3rd game with the doll (where the doll chases us while we are trying to do the ball puzzle) is quite hard ;; It is a good thing that the doll is slower than us, but it needs so much effort. I am not good with chasings in games hahahah :D But the game is really good. I may add more here after i am done with the chasing puzzle.
Edit2: Well now i think, i just needed to use my brain to pass that. It didnt even last 5 minutes to solve that.
Edit3: THE START OF CHAPTER 3 IS totally amazing <3 I need to think and make decisions quickly, but i couldnt and i got eaten by dolls while i am in front of the door...

Age of Myth

Yeees now we have the download <3 Thank you so much for your efforts ^^

Venus As A Rock

i thought everyone was posting blank comments

Shadow Seeker

I love "mystery" genre so much. And I don't even need to comment on the art, a person who has eyes will be able to tell how good it looks. I can't wait to play it <3

The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht

Oh my, the art looks awesome~ Love the dark, gothic design. I really love puzzle RPGs so I am really happy! And I wonder, will you release a demo in the future? That would be awesome :3 (I do not now long the gameplay will be, you might not release a demo but I wanted to ask anyways.)


It is... Impressing. I really adore your mapping. But it is a little dark. In my humble opinion, you can think about adding some more lightnings.

A Lost Dreamer

The mapping looks amazing but I wish the download link would work and the game language would be in English.(/^▽^)/
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