plz send msg for internet grl shmoozing tipz
Geeked up :)


Get these words off my avatar....

How the hell did this ludicrous comment get under my avatar? I never typed these words.
Somebody please get rid of it.

And also whoever did this needs to grow up and/or get a life. This is ridiculous....

Now saying insulting things is something I don't really care about but bothering my account is another story. Thats going too far..

Where will you be in 10 years? (Discussion)

Everybody has goals, dreams and plans for the future.
There is a lot of talent swirling through this website and others so I know theres going to be a lot of successful people.

So tell me....where do you want to be in 10 years? Married? Children perhaps? Will you start your own law firm?

What do you hope to achieve?

Well I guess i'll start it off.......In 10 years I plan to be working with Square Enix Japan as a lead programmer (Yes I know that is a very big goal lol but i'm confident I can achieve it.) with at least 2 kids.

If that falls through I know i'll be programming for some company because i'm being placed in a job by the college im graduating from.

Discuss your future goals....

What fictional monster scares you the most?

I know it's not halloween but any day is alright for terror.

What monster honestly scares you the most? Show me....

*Please post a pic of the creature and explain why it scares you so.

The Thing

IT the evil clown

These scared the hell out me when I was know they scare you too. \^_^/

Interracial relationships....Tell me your thoughts...

I'm focusing primarily of Black and White relationships primarily because it seems like america has finally started to accept it and not condemn it anymore.

About 40 years ago it would have been a death wish for a black man to try to date an white woman but now it's everywhere!

I see the so many white chicks dating black guys now its just normal. I bet a few of these RMN female users have dated out of their race before.

And also everytime i'm at a club.....when they play the latest rap song......I see a lot of white chicks get on the floor and start getting it!

I personally find this great.

Humans are humans. Humans should be able to date whoever they want regardless of their skin color.

America is making great progress.

BUT.....there is a problem.

There are many parents that do not like their children dating anybody outside of their race and I find this very foolish.

Parents that do this are just making their children want to do it more. Girls love going for things that are "Forbidden" to them.

Black men in particular have been seemingly restricted to most caucasian women.
That just makes those females think "I wonder how it would be to date a black guy?"

And guess what happens?

America is really changing for the better, its starting to see people as just people. It's starting to meld the line between black and white.

lol sorry about the ramble.....I could go on about this subject but i'm just going to leave it to you to discuss.

Whats you guys/gals thoughts on this?

A Sprite artist, thats what I need....

I'm looking for a sprite artist who is fairly skilled at editing sprites and creating poses. I am skilled at doing it but I just don't have the energy for it. Creating sprites takes too much time for an impatient person like myself.

The sprites will be used for my game "Dream Saga."


I really need help, this would ease the heavy workload this game is. It's pretty time consuming working on a game this caliber bymyself.

Please tell me if you're interested. I'll send you a demo of the game and the sprites that I need.

Thanks guys/gals!

RMN Christmas Dance 2009! lol.

If RMN were to actually hold an dance (party). The dance would be on top of the Sears tower in my hometown of Chicago.

Here are the date match ups:

(This is just for jokes)

AFrenchDreamer-Boobledeeboo and meh_ch

Feld w Mary4D

Tardis w The old guy on his avatar. (Kidding, lol)

Darken w Nessiah

WIP w Karsuman

Aznchipmunk w YDS

Kentona w Liberty

Aerogp w Barney Rubble

Uh w his nintendo gamecube

Mishtude w Flyingfishkora (AFrenchDreamer snatches her when they arrive)

Solitarye w a RMN guest

Lennon w Nessiah (Steals Nessiah from Darken after an intense struggle.)

This is one hella moronic

How do I make a Video of my game?

I don't know what program I have to get so I can record myself playing my Rm2k3 game on my computer.

Can somebody please tell me what program I need to download to make this type of video.
Trying to show a peek at my abs.

Thank you.

Twilight 2......Anybody going to see it?

Twilight II seems like it's going to be a good movie.

Me and my girl are going to see it just as soon as it comes out.
Usually I don't like vampire flicks but this one actually seems "Interesting."

Anybody else going to see it?

How do you cope with Bad Breath?

When you talk to somebody and that persons breath smells just like a wilderbeasts ass...What do you say so you can quickly get away from that person?

Don't just say "Your breath stank fool! Git gone!"

Say something polite....

NOTE: I know somebody is going to try to be funny and post "How do you know what a wilderbeast's ass smells like?" I sense it coming....

What does it take to push you over the edge?

Everybody has an breaking point. Everybody has a point when somebody bothers them so much that they say....

"Fuck this, lets throw down."

Even the nicest people have a breaking point.

Answer this....."What does somebody have to say to you make you go off the edge?"
Just wondering.....
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