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How to approach a Girl......The Correct way. (Serious topic)

I was going to make this guide a while ago but I got too lazy and didn't. But then I ran across Relyt's topic
and I said to myself....

"Wow this dude reminds me off myself 4 years back."

That inspired me to get off my lazy butt and write this guide.

This guide is serious and I promise that if you follow these guidlines there will be a good chance you will develope "Game" as they like to call it.

This guide is mean't to help the following problems:

1. Shy guys. (The most common)
2. Guys that just don't know what to say to a chick.
3. Guys who have Game but need some fine tuning.
4. Guys that just don't know what the hell to do at all!


By writing this i'm not trying to come off as some "Playboy" or a "Girl getting King."

I'm just a guy that knows a great deal about women. I've had my fair share of girlfriends as well.

But things have not always been this way for my first two years of high school I was the biggest shyguy of all. I had no game at all.

I was rejected TWO times in the 9th grade. I was just to shy when it game to girls....

But 11th grade I thought:

"Why the heck am I getting rejected and others aren't?"

I wasn't ugly or anything, in fact girls were giving me compliments on my looks. but just as soon as I tried talking to one I eventually got rejected. Thats when I realized.....

I was too shy and thats why girls couldn't get comfortable me.
Once I realized this.......I changed.....

I learned from my mistakes and changed. And I haven't been rejected since.

Alright enough of that, lets begin...

I'll try to be quick about this....


Before you attempt to talk to the chick you are interested in make sure you know these facts and things about women.

1. Women love to talk about themselves. (Make sure you start the conversation with her talking about herself.) The more a girl lets you know about her, the more comfortable she'll become with you.

2. Women love to laugh. TRY TO BE FUNNY!!!! BUT NOT TOO FUNNY!!!
Girls love a guy with a sense of humor but if you try to be too funny the girl probably won't take you seriously.

3. Women love a guy that listens.
Girls love it for a guy to take the time to listen and appear interested in what she has to say.

4. Do not be intimidated by a gorgeous face.
Very pretty girls are known to make a guy shy and stutter. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.
Be smooth and most definitely be yourself.


6. Don't walk up to a pretty girl and say "Whats your number?"
Get to know the girl first.

7. Be confident

8. Don't be too nice....
Being too nice makes a girl think your a bit of a pushover and that can sometimes makes them lonely.
A girl likes a guy with PERSONALITY. Being too nice can lead to a girl saying "Can we just be friends?"

I'll go over more in part 2 of this guide....

but now I must go over every guys worst nightmare.....

Rejection is the main reason that guys are scared of talking to pretty chicks in the first place.

Here are some hints that the chick isn't into you and theres a good chance you will get rejected if you continue trying to talk to her.

1. She doen't text you back.
2. She walks past you without saying a word.
3. Everytime you try to hang out with her she says she busy.

There are many more signs but i'm too lazy to go over them on this topic.

Be careful of these signs, they could lead you to disaster.


HERO: Hi whats your name?
GIRL: Princess...
HERO: Where are you from?
GIRL: The town of midgard...
HERO: Do you like it there?
GIRL: Yes......(What is this guy? some type of job application? He must be desperate.)
HERO: What's your number?
GIRL: 523-4409 (LIE)
HERO: What are you doing friday?
GIRL: I'm gonna cast LVL 2 REJECTION on you!

Don't be like the guy in this example. Be smooth, be a little funny, be confident and most of all be yourself!

I'm sorry I couldn't go into this subject more deeply but I'll save it for another topic.

I have helped many of my friends with my guides so hopefully I can help some of you guys.

Remember: Girls aren't hard to get, you just got to know how to get them.

Why can't I see avatars?

Everytime I post I can't see anybodys avatar on their post, including mines. This is the only website
with avatars I can't see. Is that normal, or is it my settings or something?

Help would be greatly appreciated.


Right now I feel bad for my friend but I have to tell you guys about it.

My friend who is really shy and soft spoken got rejected so terribly it made me actually mad at the
chick that did it. She freaking hot though but still...

We both go to the same college and he came in the library and told me about it but the thing is
he didn't even seem hurt by the rejection or nothing! I was more saddened by it then he was!

He said he was talking to her and class and she suddenly yelled out of nowhere

Embarrassing him in front of the whole class.

After class was over he said he asked her if they could be friends and she said


I was like wow, that has to be the worst rejection i've ever heard.

I mean how could that chick be that shitty to him to not even let him be her friend?

He was laughing about it but I just stopped what I was doing and did the following:

How do I encrypt my Rm2k3 Game?

I'm trying to encrypt my rm2k3 game to protect it's expensive music files but I don't know where
to start please help!

Public Apology

Alright apologizing for things is not a part of my natural character but today I find it neccessary.

I recently looked back on my some of my posts and messages on this website and I was pretty much shocked at my behavior.

I was very mean, direspectful and downright arrogant at times.

And for this I am sorry....

I am a very hot headed and arrogant person sometimes and again i'm sorry for showing that side of myself.

To combat this i've recently decided to partake in anger management sessions.

In the past my cold attitude has cost me a lot, friends, girlfriends, and many other things. And it has also gotten me into countless altercations with people, Physical and Non-physical.

And now i'm trying to change.

Again i'm apologizing for all the things I said. I apologize to this whole community for being an arrogant asshole.

I also want to personally apologize to Nightblade, WIP, Tardis, Craze and any other people I lashed out at.

I'm deeply sorry and I hope you guys/girls can forgive my foolishness.

Hopefully I can do better in the future.


I feel like laughing so I'm going to start joke topic.


Also......NO BARNEY RUBBLES ALLOWED!!! Thanks...


I'll start this thing off with my incredibly funny joke!

Your moms is so fat that when i'm trying to kiss her lips I have to mountain climb to git up there!


Why the does the black guy die in every scary movie!?

I just don't understand it! Everytime a scary movie starts and it has a black guy in it the dude is always portrayed as strong and tough but ends up dying 1st or 2nd.

Some movies don't do this.........but most do.

Here are some of the many signs that show that the black guy isn't going to live much longer.

1. Whenever the black guy says this: "You guys stay here i'll be right back." DEAD

2. The black guy who starts to like the main white chick. DEFINTELY DEAD

3. The Funny black guy. Yup....he's DEAD.

4. Is it me or does everytime a black guy dies on a scary movie he yells "What the F@#$!?"

America needs more more main stream horror flicks with the black guy actually surviving!
Can I get a AMEN!?

Hello my name is A French Dreamer and i'm new....

Ummm.....I just wanted to say hello to the community. This is my first time joining a RPG making community so please excuse my "Don't know what the hell to say" syndrome.

I guess I should share a little info about myself.......hopefully it is somewhat entertaining. -_-

Things I like:

1. Playing RPG's with well done ABSes (Turn based battle systems don't interest me for some reason)
2. RM2K3
3. Girls
4. Making ABSes
5. People who are nice.

Things I don't like:

1. Bad breath
2. Scripting (I just don't have the time to learn it!)
3. Final fantasy fan games
4. Dogs that always try to bite you.

Oh yes, one more thing. I would like to point out that I am not a noob when it comes to RM2k3.

I have been using it for over 5 years so I would say that i'm pretty good using it.
The games that I release for Rm2k3 will approve of that.......(hopefully)

Listen closely.......Every game that I will release will have an ABS. I am completely bored of using turn based battle systems.

Alright i'm i'll go see if I can post some screenshots up.

Thank you for listen to my rambling.
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