Glory's Fools
A GB styled RPG set in the Mythic Age of Greece. Fight Monsters, Make Friends, Get Glory!




So vibrant!

Archmage Adventure

Loving the pixel art in your game! Very vibrant!

Recently Watched Movies

Movies wise? I love to re-watch Friday every now and again. It's like the perfect movie to me, a flawed protagonist(how do you get fired on your day off?), goofy sidekick, a threatening villain, plus all the side characters blend so well. Best Movie for a rewatch.

Finally finished the Big Short, I don't get the hype but I did learn a lot. I have a interest in the "Don't Look Up" netflix movie but if it's just like The Big Short I can wait.

Glory's Fools

Nice! Glad to see this finally on here! =)

Thanks!! I can't wait to show off more of the game!


It's a shame this is cancelled, it has a lot of style. I love the art and battle theme!

Devious Mud Demo

/Have you not posted the game file yet or am I just blind? It sounds interesting to play.
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