Hi all, I'm A-Moonless-Night, but you can call me Shannyn.

The name 'A Moonless Night' comes from the title of a story my cousin and I wrote together when we were about fifteen. It was about two cousins getting lost in the woods on the night of a full moon. Werewolf shenanigans ensued. No idea where an actual moonless night factored into the equation though. Well, the name stuck and it has been my username for every website I've frequented for the last five or six years.

About me? Well, I'm from little old Godzone in the southern hemisphere. I live in a little house with my boyfriend and our crazy Pomeranian, Lola. I love reading and writing, with a particular love for Stephen King novels and poetry. I'm an avid proofreader - seriously, I love it. I foam at the mouth about it.

I don't like MMORPGs or first-person shooters. I particularly love platformers (especially Metroidvanias), RPGs, action games and point-and-click adventures. Some of my favourite games include Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, the Tenchu series, Suikoden I and II, the Chzo Mythos (aka the John Defoe Quadrilogy), Minecraft, Age Of Empires, An Untitled Story and the Pokemon series.
One woman's quest to find her brother whilst an uprising is on the horizon ...



Featured Game, Featured Dev: Little Wing Guy

Nice interview, Little Wing Guy! I agree with the others about the thoughtful answers. Reading this interview has inspired me to gam mak, so thanks for that!

Villnoire is Complete!

I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!

Upward over the Mountain

"We're going on a BEAR HUNT, we're gonna catch a BIG ONE! I'm not scared! I'm not scared!"

Looking forward to this as always. I think the new changes sound quite exciting and I agree, not something that's usually explored in many RPGs.

The Penultimate Push

I'm keen to be a beta tester!

The Return

I'm also excited to see you working on this again. The new status mock-up looks really neat.


I love the lighting in this. Super pretty.

Legion Saga DX is going Commercial!

Heck yes. I'm super excited for this! Are you going to do a Kickstarter or something, or just straight commercial?


Thanks friends! I thought it would be a fun idea for this dungeon to have flooded maps the first time you go through and then regular maps when you come back later. Hahahaha oh god so much water parallaxing.

Blog of the Fireflies

Woohoo, I'm excited!

Mapping 99% DONE!!!

Super excited!