The Cicatrix (Formerly Hero I: Ephren's Journey)

Yeah, never seen anything like this before.

The Cicatrix (Formerly Hero I: Ephren's Journey)

Whoa, didn't notice the beta came out. I thought I'd give it a shot, but the game just up and closes on me after selecting whether or not to view the intro. (That is, both choices kill the game, but saying no gives a "two days earlier..." before closing.)

Valedictory Demo Posted

Hey, that was pretty fun. Going in guns blazing with your default party definitely wasn't an option, and there were a couple ways to tackle most of the random battles. I did to a whole lot of party-switching, a definite improvement over the last game, and the classes fit together pretty well. The "weak but high defense" idea was cool the first two times but then it got old, and the "kill it before it permanently raises everyone's resistance" trick was more annoying than anything. Didn't use any items, and Flare and Assault seemed superfluous. Great job overall though, I'd love to see more.

Preventing grind: Why? And how?

I'd say that the argument that the same challenge can always be overcome the same way breaks down if you're playing a game with a significant level of unpredictability (grinding same-level enemies was not at all repetitive in Baten Kaitos Origins), but as far as most games and RPGMaker are concerned I'd say you're on the right track (reused encounters were the last thing Resonance of Fate needed). I'm going for the same idea in my game.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Planning out everything, because I know that this game is project is going to blow up right in my face unless I have everything figured out from the get-go. Currently doing pseudocode for the Projector, then moving on to the Karma Mage.

Blue Magic suggestions.

I don't really know how you'd program most of these, but this is a time for brainstorming.

Hyper-Metabolize: Haste or Attack-up & Poison self
Brawler: 4 attacks to random allies/enemies
Combo: Deals more damage every time it's used in one battle
Begrudge: Deals back all damage suffered in the next 3 attacks; deactivates if the caster is killed
Reaper Pact: Casts Death on all enemies, caster loses all HP and MP
Nebula Arrow: 0-50% HP damage

Carlsev Saga: Episode I Review

Well, I certainly had a higher opinion of the combat, but I do agree that the second half had its share of superflous mandatory dungeons and underdeveloped characters, and that we never get to see the 'real' Deckiller when he's not explaining his master plan. It seems like the "develop the characters later" approach was not very favorably looked upon.

Introducing...the Carlsev Saga Tactical Battle System

Kickass, man. I was just playing Exit Fate and I was all, "Man, we could do to see some more tactical battles in RM games."


Hey, I gave this a few playthroughs a while ago. Apart from the deaths, I had two problems of note:

1) The Knight class is pretty underpowered, since his Double Slash attack didn't seem to be any more useful than a regular attack, which left him without a means of easily dispatching enemies without taking damage.

2) The Skeleton Keys and key-needing doors aren't any good, in my opinion. The game already has other means of blocking off doors temporarily until you can encounter a lever/monster, and I had to quit twice because I was stuck behind a door with no key and trying to destroy it seemed like a waste of time.

I didn't like some of the music either, but that's more personal. The game has potential, though, and I'd enjoy seeing more content.