Greetings from the land of AD.

Hello to you, various forum-goers and people that I respect. I come from lands far away to finally start giving something back to RPGmaker, one of the lights in my life.

Things to know:
-I happen to be an IB student, which gives me hope that someday I'll be sucked through a portal to another world and have to reassemble the Philosopher's stone.
-I was a HUGE fan of Romancing Walker. Like, really, you'd have trouble believing that it was possible for someone to be such a fan of that game.
-I can spend days carefully considering my forum posts.
-I'm half decent with rm2k3.
-I'm not all too fond of modern Venezuelan artists.
-I'm an avid osu! player, but not the kind that downloads every beatmap that comes out just to keep up with everyone else.

And, lastly,
-I owe Knee Oak at least three apologies.

Good day.
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