I'm new here. I'm trying to make RPG Maker games this decade. So far things have gotten a little better.



Hotel Dusk

Are there any battles in this, as in RPG battles?

Scarred Stars: Traumatic Edition

Very cool game and very cool game page.

Keep up the good work! I'll be keeping an eye. Like the ones in the background.

Is there any way to get this without the "STEAM" version of RPG Maker?

[RMMV] Request : Moving Events Tutorial

You don't have to set to through in the event settings. In the move action, you have the option to turn through on and off.

And it still didn't work for some reason. The object will not move over the event tiles on the floor in front of the hole I want it to fall in.


This is by design to give you more room to have the actors and enemies vertically displayed however you have a point that this should be something that the user can easily change.
This is by design to give you more room to have the actors and enemies vertically displayed however you have a point that this should be something that the user can easily change.

I would have to edit the pictures manually to move the background image further down (leaving a blank top) and shrinking the floor image size (making the room for battlers smaller). What would be the best way to do this?

[RMMV] Request : Moving Events Tutorial

How do I make traps such as spike traps? I thought it would be simple but nothing works. I tried to do the same thing I would do for flipping switches, and those actually worked. Either I get stuck on the event, or the spikes event keeps moving and refused to obey the self switches. There is a tutorial for VX (and it requires scripting and other complex stuff), but not for MV. I did find this one though, I was able to do about 2/3 of this.

PS: Also, how do I make large doors with events? For example, the "gate" character sheets in the RTP. When I place them they are still separated.

[RMMV] Why can't I make transparent enemies? (plugin requests)

Your entire issue stems from not exporting your image from GIMP correctly

Great, that's what I needed to know. I managed to do it on my second try.

[RMMV] Why can't I make transparent enemies? (plugin requests)

I tried making a transparent battler image in GIMP, but it doesn't appear in the saved image for some stupid reason. The enemy graphics do not appear transparent in game. There are no threads or plugins on the entire Internet about transparent enemies for other rpg makers such as MV, besides 2k3. I also can't find any plugins about moving enemies for flying enemies (also in 2k3), or plugins about moving the player battlers next to the enemy to attack (also in 2k3).

Edit : I solved the GIMP problem, I have a transparent enemy now. I still don't know where the plugins are for the MV battle system, such as flying enemies and player character animations.

Why not? Did you know people who use 2k3 still exist to all of you who don't register this in your minds (god i hate humans)? There were literally thousands of threads just about random things like make the battle backdrops transparent, yet not a single one for transparent enemy graphics.

[RMMV] Best way to make gambling

author=If you use icons for the symbols, you could use \I[\V
to display an icon number specified by a variable in a message window.]

And how would I do this? Can you give me an example? Where do I type ]I? How many conditional branches would I still need?

Examples :
✦ ♠ ♣
✦ ♣ ✦
♠ ♣ ♣
♠ ♠ ♠

I think there are multiple hundreds of combinations, or at least a 150 of them.

[RMMV] Best way to make gambling

You likely don't need to have to check against every possible combination. Just the combinations where you only loose the money that you bid. For example, the Suikoden series typically have a mini-game called Chincirorin. I don't want to get into too many details here, but, the general rule is that you "score" when you roll doubles (the other die represents your score), and triples can either double your bid, triple it in the case of three 6s, or you have to pay double your bid in the case of three 1s.

All that aside, It might behoove you to move the processing out of the realm of event-commands, and into scripting. Obviously, you'll want a variable for each slot. The process, itself, would depend on what combinations do notable things, as mentioned. The thought in my head is to deal with triples first, then figure out the other stuff later. That particular condition might look something like...

if $gameVariables.value(2) == $gameVariables.value(3) && $gameVariables.value(2) == $gameVariables.value(4) {
  // Whatever happens on a triple?

...this, give or take some ID values?

You can't really have a slot machine without seeing the slot combination.

For example :

Is there anyway to increase font size in RPG Maker?

[RMMV] Best way to make gambling

I have gotten this idea, and there are many videos about it. I learned how to make a dice roll event, I tested it and it works. But I can't figure out to do other ones, especially slot machines. A slot machine appears in one one of the RTP tilesets, so it looks like gambling was meant to be in RPGMV games.

The way I'm trying it now would take a million years to complete. I'm trying to make the following slots : ✦1 ✽2 ♠3 ♣4 ✿5. The are three slots, with five possibilities each. I was going to make a conditional branch for every possibility, but that would take hundreds of conditional branches, and the end vs else would be too confusing for me to sort the scripts.
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