I'm new here. I'm trying to make RPG Maker games this decade. So far things have gotten a little better.



Night of Awakening

How long is the demo?

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace

This looks kool! How close is the demo going to be uploaded?

Loop ~ Escape The Game

How many puzzles will there be? Will there be a battle system too?

BilouConcept - Aircraft3D

That's an interesting idea, but why in RPG Maker?

Memories From a Dream

More information to come. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions you may have, and please subscribe to get notifications for new posts.

This game is looking like it's going to be huge. How long will it take to finish?

Neo Edda Demo

Has the game been canceled? I hope not, I kinda like it.

MARGO - On the Brink

This looks so awesome, I can't wait!

Hotel Dusk

Are there any battles in this, as in RPG battles?

Scarred Stars: Traumatic Edition

Very cool game and very cool game page.

Keep up the good work! I'll be keeping an eye. Like the ones in the background.

Is there any way to get this without the "STEAM" version of RPG Maker?

Final Fantasy Legacy

Why would you use MV tilesets in MZ? I was thinking about doing the opposite.
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