I'm new here. I'm trying to make RPG Maker games this decade. So far things have gotten a little better.



[RMMV] Request : Moving Events Tutorial

I have tried looking up tutorials on moving events in RPG Maker. I was able to figure out a lot of them myself. But a lot of them are more advanced and require variables and other stuff.

I currently know how to push objects, and have the player slip and slide, and to have the player fall down holes, and to break objects, and to toggle bridges with just basic switches. For some reason, i'm unable to do with events that I did with the player. If I try to push an object over a slippery floor, it'll be blocked. Yes, I did switch the event from 'move player' to 'move event'. I was also unable to push events down holes for this same reason.

Another problem I has is with throwing objects. I know how to make an object jump up and down. Unfortunately, the jump command in movement route can only move by x or y. This means that the object will always move in the same direction when jumping (for the player this would be okay). I want the player to throw the even the same direction the player is facing. When pushing events, I can do this by having it move the opposite direction as the player, set in it's movement route. But for some reason this option doesn't exist for jumping.

I know that a lot of puzzles do require variables. When I watch the videos, they skim through too fast and I can't comprehend the scripting they're using.

[RMXP] Skills linked to equipment?

The guy who makes the RPG Maker game series "Driftwood" has a video about slot items added to equipment to change their stats or something. I would think this would also involve that. There are items that can be added to equipment. Also, different equipment have a different number of slots. I'm no where near ready to do this either.

[RMMV] Dual Wield : Issues

Three attacks: do you have the "attack times" trait set on one of the weapons being wielded?
SV actor playing the first weapon type animation: That's a bug/feature that can only be fixed with a plugin - it's been written to always use the first weapon in the core scripts.

Yes, one of the weapons has an "attack times +1", that was the character that attacked three times. The other characters still only attacked once. The other characters should still attack twice.

I just found out that the attack animation changes. It also increases the damage by about 50%. However, I wanted it to make me attack twice, not just do more damage. I guess I should just use 'attack +1' and 'seal shield' instead? It wouldn't be as much fun that way.

Can you link me to such plugins?

[RMMV] Dual Wield : Issues

I just discovered what the slot feature does, it adds option for dual wield. For some reason most of my characters still attack one with the first weapon, but one of them attacks three times. The one that attacks three types had a spear (1 atk) and a knife (2 atks), all other chars have weapons (1 atk). Another problem is that the sv-actor only plays the animation for the first weapon type, not the second weapon type.

[RMMZ] [RMMV] Resize vehicles tiles request

I noticed that many of the tiles on the SF Outside tilesets are the wrong size. The vehicles are too small and the food stands are too big.

There is a perfect vehicle tileset for the tank, helicopter, trucks, cars; but not for the buses.

I think I can shrink stuff just fine. Can anybody make a MV bus with high enough detail?

I was mostly hoping for a remake for the bus (but the size of the trucks in this image), much like the cars and trucks.

[RMMV] Playtest stopped working

Yes, any generator parts you added to the program would need to be added again after reinstallation. Because they are stored in the program folder itself, rather than your projects.

(Except steam DLC parts, which are added automatically if you're using the steam version)

Okay, why did it delete the install file? Where would I get another one?
Will I need to insert my product key again?

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

My 2K3 world map, southern hemisphere hasn't been made yet, there will be two more continents. Feel free to use it as the world in any of your RPGs cuz I like it.

I'll add screens for my 2k3 projects later.

[RMMV] Playtest stopped working

Yes, it's the legal version. No, I checked with 'Task Manager' and there was nothing there. Like I said, I already quit and restarted the program many times. I even checked after restarting my computer.

Could reinstalling mean losing my character generator parts?

I could just reinstall it, this happened before. I want to find out if I lose any of my generator parts first. Should I copy the folders and paste them back in?

Non English Games


All the good ones.


There's probably a couple of ways you could do it, but Gimp is the best place to try it. Scaling the image is likely the best solution. I would place both images on layers and see what the difference is perhaps. I'm sure there's a way to efficiently do this.

There's probably something in the game's code you could copy over from the front view to the side view to also get the job done, but I only use VX Ace, so I'm unsure.

That's the only way I think, but I know how to do it.