im just some guy on the internet. i really loathe filling out description boxes, and only slightly less loathe fangames. why make somebody else's game when you could make your own?

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Arbor's Eve

what side are you approaching the hallway from? i've never had this problem, and neither have other players. the second town hall quest switch was turned on by having Strayer join, so i added a required switch from the first quest as well.

onward ho!

i just this morning updated it with the new file. i forgot to put the start position back at the beginning when i was testing the bubbles. i didn't include the default rtp to keep the filesize down because of how much of my own stuff i put into the game.

Arbor's Eve Participant Edition Demo [working]

also contains features like:

starting on the correct map instead of in the swamp!
tileset collision revision

onward ho!

i wanted to keep the filesize down as much as possible. knowing everything i know, the demo took me about 6 hours. for comparison, i can play Earthbound blindfolded, and still beat it in 9 hours. TONS of custom resources, huge maps, music i actually wanted to use in place of music that was more compact...


i get that a lot, and i always tell people that the world is very big place.


i get a lot of that.... this came from two separate screenshots

Among Thieves

when do we get a demo???


I'd like to civilly ask you to not use character and faceset edits directly ripped from my resource folder. Everything else is fair game naturally, but Im namely talking about Thanatos, the Ragan Black Guards, and anything else I happen to have missed.


i'm detecting a lot of butthurt in this sector of the internet. if you don't want things borrowed, don't post them. once it's out in the open, it's fair game, and no amount of made up internet police/fake internet lawyers are going to do anything about it. sad but true.

Arbor's Eve

have any of the 20 downloads benn successfully played yet?

Arbor's Eve

wow... that's a pretty big problem. i'll fix that tonight and upload a new version. sorry bout that. i added ~70some icons for weapons and spells and didn't check them. thanks for playing! I'll post here when it's fixed.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

i added a windmill. now an npc can have a fresh squeezed glass of wind with her breakfast every morning.
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