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NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

My bracket hopes are dead. But I'm pulling for the Avs for the whole thing now.

All is not lost yet! We still have to pick for Round 2 and up, so there’s still a chance.

Kory's rolling this year. It would be interesting to see if he's just lucky or if he's more informed.

I personally think he just got lucky and managed to strike it rich in a year full of upsets (…so far…). Either way, I’m still very impressed with how he’s doing. I mean, shit, Dallas might actually beat the Predators in another one of kory’s picks that nobody got right beside him.


And speaking of picks: the St. Louis Blues managed to close out their series against the ‘Peg in 6 games tonight and move on to the second round. Addit, Cap_H, GreatRedSpirit, Kentona and Narcodis all pick up 2 Points for predicting that the Blues would win. Addit and Cap_H, however, manage to also successfully predict that the series would go 6, so their 2 Points become 4 Points!

The only ones that didn’t pick the Blues? Both Kory_Toombs and Shinan ended up going with the Jets in this series, so they don’t get anything out of this one, I’m afraid. This also marks Kory’s only blemish thus far; and with that, I’m afraid everyone’s out of the running for the mighty Brackcellent award... But hey, there's still the other achievements!

Kory_Toombs still holds on to 1st place with 12 points while Cap_H is now only 4 points back of him for second place overall.

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

So Calgary completely discombobulated and shit the bed.

And with that, kory_toombs still keeps his undefeated streak alive and picks up 2 Points to further cement his lead while both Addit and Cap_H pick up 1 Point for predicting that the series would go at least 5. And because Cap_H’s Stanley Cup Team was the Flames, that single point becomes 2 Points and is now tied with GreatRedSpirit for 2nd.


NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

At least you guys have points! Shinan and I don’t have diddly-squat as of yet! (Although that could change by tomorrow if the Golden Knights take care of business for me.)

And tough break for Calgary tonight... Despite the 3-1 hole that they’re currently in, it’s actually not their goaltending that’s letting them down as I thought it might.

And I just looked up something about teams coming back from 3-1 series deficits and apparently the Flames have NEVER come back from a 3-1 series deficit EVER in their entire history. So…yeah, that’s apparently a thing...


NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

I see… So when RMN’s in trouble for financial fraud, or miscellaneous things, it’s DENNIS HENDRICKS that's responsible for it, not Kenton Anderson who’s owes the IRS money... Or maybe they just go after and beat-up Liberty and take her money while you run off to Mexico in the meantime, lol.

And at least the good thing about this year pool compared to other year’s that we’ve done in the past is that you get to pick again for Round 2 all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, so you still have a chance to – maybe - make a comeback instead of just getting screwed over because two of the teams that you picked in the first round didn’t bother to show up ( - Tampa and Pittsburgh). At least that’s a positive for all of us not named kory_toombs or GreatRedSpirit. I mean, yeah, you don't get to pick another Stanley Cup Team again, but it's better than a kick in the teeth, I guess.

We all don't like ripped graphics!

Wait, I don’t mind people using ripped graphics (well…under certain circumstances, of course...) Sometimes a person’s options are limited due to their connections and / or financial restraints...and their own abilities, of course. And sometimes, especially if you’re planning on not selling your game on Steam or wherever else, or if it’s a fangame, it’s not worth shelving out the cash to have custom resources made for it if you’re not going to at least break even in the end, or it happens to get taken down (Ie: Fangame).

Anyways, what you’ve done with the buildings to make them look less RTP-centric look quite nice and are definitely an improvement over the past works. The only two things that stand out to me a bit are those craters in the first screenshot, as they really stand out way too much and are way too bright compared to all the other buildings and houses around the area that blend in with the environment a lot better, and the giant building in the third screenshot that’s waaaaayyyy too big that it looks like it’s bigger than the freakin’ island than it’s on. I don’t know if it’s the Mode 7 that making it look weird (does this game even use Mode 7?), but yeah.

Otherwise, everything looks pretty good. Keep it up.



(I'm still mad about yesterday.)

Avoid purchasing plugins from

Jesus. This is just like the whole Garnudo Games incident on Steam all over again, isn’t it?

Man, the things that people do to make a quick buck nowadays…

Do you guys decide the titles of your games thinking how easy it will be to Google it? I do.

I wanted to call my new game THERAPIST.
But... I guess I'll just add a second title.

Like: THERAPIST: life manager.

What about incorporating the main character’s name into the title (unless he doesn’t have one by default and you just get to name him whatever you want), something like “Life Sessions With Dr. McKay”, or something like that.


NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

God damn it, Tampa.

F**k, I didn't even get any bonus points out of it like kentona and narcodis did. God damn chokers! It's like Washington ALL over again!

Suddenly kory_toombs is looking pretty good right now when everyone was laughing at him for picking Columbus in a sweep only for him to laugh at all of us now. Heck, he even picked the Islanders to win too. I can't believe this...

Do you guys decide the titles of your games thinking how easy it will be to Google it? I do.

Of course not. No one must know about my shame…

But on a more serious note, no, it’s not something that I think about that much when it comes to picking a title. As long as I like it and it fits the overall setting and it’s easy for someone to pronounce and all that jazz, then it’s all good in the hood.