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Then I became an Addit



Cosplay Crisis

IIRC, FF9's is bugged. I'm not entirely sure why at this stage.

*psst* (…I think I know why: It’s because Puddor is more bias towards FF7 and FF8, so that’s why FF9 got the short end of the stick here.)

I mean...what? Who said that?

Age of Archeia Review

Yeah, I wrote and submitted the review days before you happened to upload the fixed version; it just happened to take a while for it to finally get approved, that's all.

- And it's nice to see my name back up underneath the latest reviews section again. Sure has been a while...

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

I wish I knew that feeling.
I know this feeling a lot.

*sigh* As do I…

But at least the Blues did us Canucks fans a real solid last night and got revenge for 2011 by beating the Bruins in a Stanley Cup Final Game 7 on their home ice to spoil the party in front of THEIR fans for a change. Haha…! And we even got to see this wonderful image that I thought I would never see - humility by the rat:

(Oh yeah, that feels SO good...)

(I also love how some Canuck fans are using that image of Brad Marchand crying as their new wallpaper or screensaver now, lol. I’m not personally going to go THAT far myself (because karma), but it’s still pretty funny to hear about.)

Anyway, I still can’t believe that I live in a timeline now where the St. Louis Blues and Washington Capitals have both won a Stanley Cup in back-to-back years whereas, two years ago, both of these franchises were the walking definition of chokers and losers. So I’m so happy for both cities that they get to finally enjoy some of that sweet, sweet success that I hope, one day, my home team will be able to enjoy.

- And speaking of enjoyment:

It may have taken until the final game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to exert your supposive dominance, but, congratulations, Addit: you get to share the dubious honor of worst (along with GreatRedSpirit) as you earn yourself the Eugene Melynk Award, where, apparently, in the great words of the Eugene Melynk, “we’re still a team” (…whatever that means.)

And now that Kory doesn’t have to share his first place prize with anybody but himself (sorry Shinan), his name will forever be now etched into the rafters as one of our champions (well...unless RMN happens to shut down any time soon, lol):

And now that the Stanley Cup has been handed out, I’ll Liberty know to give us all of our achievements whenever she stops playing the original Breath Of Fire for a minute.

And now that the Stanley Cup Playoffs have finally commenced after all this time wasted - I leave you with this St. Louis Blues fan dancin':

(*shock* Look at him go!)

Heya! I haven't been active here for a while. How have y'all been?ope Island

Have you been gone for a while??? It feels like you’re always either been posting on here (though, not as much as you once used to) or on Discord quite a bit.

Either way, whatever the case may be - welcome back! I miss that amazing singing voice of yours.

Age of Archeia

@ Marrend - I never found the final boss THAT hard as long as you take care of his subordinates first that he summons worth and occasionally heal once in a while using Kentona, he’s pretty easy… I know that he occasionally likes to use that Flame and Fire II attack at the odd time that can do some big damage if you’re caught off guard by it, but he only did that to me once on my second playthrough (yes, I did play this twice, lol). Heck, I didn’t even need to use any items either, as he was that easy.

He learns Cure (removes poison and paralysis) at level 8, and Heal II at level 9.

So Kentona DOES learn something that removes poison! Well, that’s nice to know.

(…Useless Kentona… Needs to kill over 300 hundred enemies in a forest before he can finally remember how to use the bloody Cure spell, for god sakes, lol.)

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

@ St. Louis

God damn it, St. Louis - everytime that I try to pump your tires a little bit you let me down!!! Well, next time, for Game 7 - I ain’t saying anything!

And now…it comes down to this…the final game

A Boston Bruins win and Shinan will not only tie Kory_Toombs for first place and earn himself a share of the coveted Alexander Ovechkin Pool Party Award, but he’ll also earn himself another achievement as well, in the Crystal Clairvoyant Award, so he can double the amount of achievements that he gets in just one stinkin’ night…

But if the St. Louis Blues manage to go into Boston and win Game 7, then I will tie GreatRedSpirit for last place and earn myself a share of the lowly Eugene Melynk Award.

So…basically, this game is going to decide who shares what between either first place or last place, and whether the Blues will end their historical legacy of failure on Boston’s home ice or add more to it.

- May the best team prevail on Wednesday...
(…And with that I mean not Boston.)

NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

Come on, St. Louis - tonight’s the night, I can feel it…!!! CLINCH. THAT. CUP!!!

Besides, you don't want to continue being a loser franchise like my home team, right? Fifty years and still diddly squat...


Best I can do is Trope Island

I like how there’s all these joke statuses now about Cope Island and then in the middle of all of them someone posts a serious status and it just completely sours the joke, lol.

Villnoire Review

Wait a second - Lita Lecotta’s in this thing, from Ara Fell? What??? :O

(Okay, it’s not actually Lita Lecotta – but still!)

I didn’t have much interest in trying this out until I saw that cameo with her in it and read some of the dialogue - and now it’s got me all curious and stuff… Might be something that I might look into later for a potential future review.

- Good job there, Frogge! You have done your job well and have convinced me to give Villnoire a try (…well, whenever I happen to have some more free time on my hands, that is.)


Neat! Reminds me of Lufia II.

Are there still going to be Tents and Cabins that you can use at blue save points, or can you just save your game and that’s it?