I used to be a donut of the Silver variety

Then I became an Addit



Misao Voting 2018

You know, you really should get something for voting; a digital pin, along with a free cookie, doesn’t sound so bad, actually!

I only dabbled in a few games this year when I was taking a break from the site, like Final Fantasy V.S. Dog, Fire RMNblem, and Grimps to a name a few, but a lot of these other games I really don’t know that much about them…well, except for maybe Aria’s Story because of how many times it popped up on the front page during most of the year, so it’s kinda like you had to know a little about it because of how many times it popped up.

But – whatever - I ended voting anyway. And, like a blind fool that knows almost NOTHING about the candidates he’s voting for, I just ended up voting for what I thought looked cool and fit the bill.

- The system works! :D


Ooo - that’s one nice looking house.

I’m not sure I like the whole sprite proportions compared to everything else here, but, still, this is one nice looking map that you got here.

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

Hey…why is this game suddenly the most buzzing game as of late - what the heck’s going on!?

Unless…could it be…a possible comeback is in the works???

- Hmmmm!!!

Legion Saga DX is going Commercial!

Ha, that’s awesome; you even managed to get the old dog out of retirement in order to help you out. That’s pretty cool! That’s usually something you don't hear of everyday.

I wish you guys luck on this going commercial.

Video thread

@4:37 - “There is no Tyson without Frasier… I mean, Ali without Frasier.”

- HOW DO YOU SCREW THAT UP? I mean, I know the guy just fought someone for over three rounds and all, and he’s probably a little bit tired after all of that - but come on, man!

Also, he sure does like saying “Bro” a lot in this clip, lol.

Hey it's me! You remember me, right? I remember y'all!

Ha. Kind of ironic how the exact same time that I return to the site after a year hiatus is the exact same time that you manage to return from your hiatus too, Gourd. It’s almost like you and I are kindred spirits.

And, hey, sorry about hearing about all of that about you and your predicament over at home; that’s really sad to hear about all of that happening to you and your family, and I can totally understand why you needed to disappear for a little while there - so it’s all good in the hood. It’s also good to hear, on a positive note, that so many wonderful people decided to donate some extra coinage to help you and your family out in a desperate time like that. Those are some wonderful people there with some great hearts.

- But I’m glad to see that you’re finally back on board the casa de maker network: where the ship can only sail if there’s not enough beer at the bottom.

We’ve missed you, bud. Welcome back.

I plan to make this The Year of the Gourd(tm) so you better keep an eye out!

I’ll be holding you to that, Mr. bgcghxmbbgj].

Don't let us down!

How often have you been in the cinema this year? What movie did you last see? Do you also use movies as inspiration for your own games?

Hmmm…the last movie that I went to go see in the theaters was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation with a couple of friends - which was a pretty decent movie that I enjoyed watching - but a part of me feels that if the ending was done a lot differently, where Ethan managed to fail to stop the bomb in time, resulting in the deaths of countless people and all of his old comrades and his ex-wife, that it would have been a lot more effective, memorable, and would have been the perfect setup for (possibly?) the final film in the franchise for a while. But, whatever I guess. What they ended up ultimately going with was still alright in my books and was probably the right call in the end, since the rest of the supporting cast in it were quite good and were quite likeable to watch. Either way, that was pretty much it for me for last year. Most of the other movies that I was waiting to see that came out that year I just waited until they eventually popped up on demand to rent so I could watch it at my home at my leisure.

It’s not that I still don’t enjoy going to the actual theatres to watch a movie anymore, it’s just…with how expensive it is to go and buy things like snacks and such and pay for the actual movie ticker nowadays, it can be quite expensive, and I don’t mind waiting a little bit longer to see the movie for much cheaper at home when it happens to eventually come out. Yeah, if it’s a big time movie that I definitely am dying to go see on the big screen – sure - I’ll shelf out the bucks for the movie and go see it on day 1, but it has to be the perfect type of movie that I wanna go see. Otherwise, I’ll just wait.

As for inspiration for game development or story ideas by watching movies? Nah…usually not. I rather get my ideas from either odd moments of inspiration, that happen to just come to me, or by just going to bed and dreaming and remember whatever I can from those said dreams and turning it into something. I find that a lot more effective for me, personally. Plus, I get a little nervous about possibly taking some ideas away from familiar, more recognizable content if I just simply get my resources from just films. I mean…you gotta try and think a little bit more original once and a while, right?

Smash Bros RMN - What would your abilities be?

- Hey, this sounds like fun!

Here’s my own personal one…for the lols:

What's Your Name, Stupid?
Addit “Atticus” Addit

Are You A Video Gay Game Character Or A Lousy RMNer?
Of course I’m an RMNer, silly! (…Although, I did appear in Frogge’s RMN Christmas Game, though.)

What Repulsive Thing Do You Look Like?
6’2 tall, 265 pound white guy wearing black shorts while sporting a Vancouver Canucks home jersey in all its $200 glory while holding a hockey stick with both hands.

What Other Shit Do You Have To Wear?
- Vancouver Canucks visitor white jersey with blue shorts.
- Vancouver Canucks heritage classic home jersey, red with the white V on the front with white shorts.
- Vancouver Canucks 90’s home black skate jersey with black shorts. (Gotta have an edgy, dark color scheme somewhere in there!)
- Vancouver Canucks 90’s visitor white skate jersey with white shorts.
- Vancouver Canucks ugly flying V jersey, with all black with red and yellow shorts.
- Work clothes Addit; ugly greenish uniform with brown shorts. A personal favorite.
- And…nudist Addit, sporting nothing but his underwear and some cheap-ass sandals that he bought from Walmart for twenty bucks.

What Are Some Of Your Basics Moves That You Stole?
Jab Combo: Addit swiftly attacks with his left handed glove, and then proceeds to slap his or her opponent around with that same glove.

Dash Attack: Addit stops on a dime with his skates and blows a chunk of ice at his opponent. How there’s ice on a stage like Brinstar Depths – I dunno.

Forward Tilt: Addit tries to use his stick low enough to the ground to try and trip up his or her opponent. Sometimes it works.

Up Tilt: Addit tries to take his hockey helmet off his head and proceeds to swipe right above him. Looks like he’s trying to swipe a bee.

Down Tilt: Addit tires to do the splits with his skates, hitting both fighters on each side if they’re close enough near him.

Neutral Air: Addit tires to imitate Marth And Roy’s neutral air, but fails miserably.

Forward Air: Addit breaks out his giant, participation trophy. A+ for effort!

Down Air: Addit tries to land both of his skates on top of the enemy when coming down for a landing. (Ouch!)

Grab: Addit will reach out with his curved, hockey stick and try to reel in his opponent from afar.

Pummel Attack: Breaths on the enemy with his bad, cheetos breath.

Forward Throw: Performs the ol’ greet-and-toss. Out you go!

Up Throw: Do don’t do this, as it will only hurt Addit’s back and his own ego.

Back Throw: Uses his giant ass, Dustin Byfuglien style, to send the enemy launching backwards.

Down Throw Trips up the enemy with his feet and sends him or her downward on the ground for some nice damage. Mike Matheson would be proud.

What Happens If - And I Mean IF - You Happen To Get The Smash Ball Thingy?
Straps onto your goalie pads, kids! If Addit manages to catch somebody in the crosshairs of his Final Smash, that singular fighter will have to avoid – not stop – a barrage of pucks in a hockey rink-like setting and if Addit manages to hit that fighter at least three out of the five times, the crowd will then cheer for him in the stands as the enemy goes off flying. And, if he happens to fail, the crowd will then boo his ass as Addit covers his shame... Still will do some damage, though, and send the enemy flying if damage percent is high enough and, at least, one of the pucks manage to hit.

That "B" Button. What Can You Do With It?"
Neutral Special : Puck Placement - Places a hockey puck on the ground from Addit’s pocket that can be one timed, if timed correctly, at his opponent for some good ol' fashion puck slappin’!

Side Special : The Coach's Challenge - Addit will toss the Coach Challenge Flag, which, if connects with the enemy, the last attack’s damage done to Addit will be completely reversed. However, he’s only got two of them per stock, so, if he happens to miss, he can’t throw the same exact challenge flag again until his next stock.

Up Special : "I (Can’t) Believe I Can Fly" - Addit will try to leap as high as he can in the air, trying to connect with the head of his or her opponent for a cheap shot, before failing miserably and crashing back down to Earth. (Well…at least he tried.)

Down Special: The Zamboni Sweep - Addit will ride a zamboni machine to create a streaky, oily mess that will cause opponents to either slow down or trip on it. Sometimes the machine won't work properly; and, sometimes, it might even explode! (Made in Taiwan.)

I Need Your Stats, Pronto:
Strength: 8 - I’m a relatively big guy who works out once and a while, so I think this should be about right.

Speed: 7 - Not as fast as I should be, but relatively fast for a big guy with giant legs.

Stamina: 6.5 - Hockey players do need to rest between shifts, so this could be a bit of a problem.

Range: 9 - "That hockey stick can certainly reach, yo!"

Defence: 8 - Underneath all that sexy exterior is nothing but hard padding.

Aerial: 5 - My one weakness… (Even though I do play basketball on occasion.)

Weight: 9 - ...Sorry, I was in the middle of eating a sandwich - what?

Height: 7 - Okay, I’m may not be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - but I’m not that short.

Throws: 4 - ...Okay, maybe I need to work on those.

Overall: 7.1
- "Mid-Tier, somewhat viable" ~ Guy who mains mostly Zero-Suit Liberty.
- "He's not bad, but his recovery really sucks. ~ Crazexplain.
- "I just use him mainly as a training dummy for training mode to practice Z-Drops. ~ Random Smash Guy

Do You Have Any Other Hidden Talents Besides Breathing?
Can You Float? - …Maybe on Mars.
Can You Cling To Walls? - Not without duct tape.
Can You Wall-Jump? Bitch, I can’t even touch my toes, sometimes.
Sooo…What Can You Do That’s Special? - *holds both of his hands out in confusion*

So What Stupid Thing Do You Do - Or Say - When You Enter The Ring?
For Entering The Stage: Addit finishes getting off from the couch, and then proceeds to wipe off all the loose peanut shells from off his chest before getting up and grabbing his hockey stick, that's right beside him, before - finally - getting up.

Quotes When Fighting Everybody Else: “Time to put you on the long term injury reserve!”

Quotes For When Fighting A Mod:“S-S-Shit.”

So What Silly Catchphrases Have You Come Up With?
Up Taunt: “Wow, you’re even more slower than me!”
Down Taunt: “I can’t believe that I’m actually winning.”
Side Taunt: “Sportsnet really went to shit once Rogers took over.”

Palutena’s Guidance:
PIT: “Um…who’s this guy? Is he even a video game character?”

PALUTENA: “Nope. He just managed to weasel his way in here, that’s all.”

PIT: “Man… They’re letting just about anybody join Smash now.”

PALUTENA: “I blame Goku and Shrek for all this. We should have never given them those invitations.”

PIT: *sigh* “Yeah, that was pretty stupid."

PIT: “So…what do I do against him?”

PALUTENA: *holds out both of her arms in confusion* “...I dunno. If Sakurai stopped caring, then why should I?”

PIT: “Come on. I remember the old days when you used to be REAL helpful at times like this. Whatever happened to that person?”

PALUTENA: “This is what happens, Pit, when your voice actress doesn't get paid enough to do all these lines for all the 256 characters that are in the game now; you just stop giving a shit."

PIT: “- That's your advice!?"

PALUTENA: “Well…he’s a hockey player who follows a mediocre team that hasn’t won anything at all in all its fifty years of existence. Maybe you can subdue him with that?”

PIT: “Really? We're going down that route now?”

PALUTENA: “- And, if that doesn’t work, you could always just get him offstage, since he’s too big enough to jump back on to it with those giant legs of his.”

PIT: “’Offstage,’ huh... Seems like the easy way out.”

PALUTENA: “It IS the easy way out, Pit."

PIT: "...Alright. Time to take this guy down and put him back on the bench!"

PALUTENA: “That's the spirit!"

PALUTENA: “- And remember: watch out for flying pucks! Those things can f**king hurt.”

What Happens When You Get Launched Off Into The Astrosphere?
“Weeeee - I’m going to disneyla-….!!!”

When You Win - IF You Win - What Awe-inspiring Things Do You Say?
- “Yes! We’ve made the playoffs!!!”
- “Wow. You didn’t even last more than ten seconds.”
- "Shouldn't be giving up the first goal that easily."
- "Liberty, you gotta stop eating those tim-tams. I’m really worried about you."

I might do some more in the future for maybe one of my own game characters if I have the time. But for now, you can all bask in the glory that is mid-tier Addit! Embrace his shitty recovery. EMBRACE IT!

Misao = Fin

425 nominations (thus far) is EXTREMELY low… That’s worse than 2009, the year that I was eligible for something, Jesus…

I haven’t finishing nominating anything as of yet, but I’ll do that in the next day or two, so that should bump up the total a little bit.

But, man, if this continues to hold up, then, wow, what a shitty turn out this year… And that’s a real shame, because some of the games released this year were pretty damn good. Hopefully this is just a one off and the next year will be much better.

RMN Christmas Card 2017

Is it wanted that Addit vanishes when you talk to him?
Nope, bug. I made no left sprite for him since originally I did not need it, but then I ended up moving him >.<

I was thinking that it wasn’t a bug but deliberate because of how often I tend to disappear for long stretches, lol, but I guess not.

And Frogge, lol, you gave me a Buffalo Bills or New York Giants sort of helmet instead of a Canucks colored one. I hate both of those teams; they’re both such trash.

But I really enjoyed playing this. You definitely captured the spirit and playful nature of the original two YDS community games, and, in some aspects, I think you even surpassed it. The final battle in particular, especially the aftermath of it, was just plain awesome. And some of the dialogue from the RMNers here was just downright hilarious.

I am in the middle of writing a review for this, so you can get some additional makerscore for your troubles. It’s gonna be a little bit of a wait in order to get it done, but hopefully I can get it up as soon as possible.

The guy wondering why he's being banned when he opens the same threads over and over again asking why? Ahh the memories...

Poor Helaz…he just wanted to be loved… And then Liberty killed him, lol.

Hopefully, one day, he can take the S4D route and rise up from the depths of RMN purgatory and become the next Addit, and then he can laugh at RMN Christmas Card’s new villain along with the rest of us, someday.

(Hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

EDIT: Also, you killed Lita, Frogge! HOW COULD U!?