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NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Pool Prediction Thread

There’s no official concrete date as of yet in place (although I think they’re trying to shoot for some time by the end of July / early August to come back and play, I’m not 100% sure) for when the play-in and playoffs start, but once there’s an official date set in place when things are ready to go again - I would definitely like to do another one of these. So it’s not like I haven’t forgotten, it’s just I’m waiting on the league to give us an official date of when the playoffs are going to officially start.

I’m hoping that they’re going to start! Not only are the Canucks participating in it - but they get to go face off and go crush the Wild! I hate the Wild. I will never forget for what they did to us back in 2003.

You guys ok with the Corona Virus/covid19?

Thank god that Star Wars is nothing but fiction, right? (Or did all of that stuff ACTUALLY happen a long time ago and George Lucas was secretly Jar Jar Binks but in disguise? Oh boy.)

And at least one positive that you can take out of this LockeZ is that if you’re right about the whole thing and this is, indeed, the end of days, you can be that crazy guy on top of the mountain of trash and just laugh at everybody below with your giant stick and say, “I TOLD YOU ALL THAT THIS WAS THE END OF DAYS! But did you all heed my warning!? No!!! You all had to be ‘optimistic’ and ‘cheery’ about the whole thing... But now who’s laughing!?!?!?”

“Um…anybody here got any loose batteries, by the way? I wanna play Final Fantasy VI: Advance on my Game Boy Advance one more time before the world ultimately ends. It's a fitting end for a such a pointless life.”

RPG Maker Cola Podcast #010: A History of RPG Maker and RPGMaker.Net (w/ Archeia, Caz, Craze, Ocean, Liberty)

I haven’t really been paying attention, or even have listened to most of your other podcasts that you have, Cashy, in the past (except for one, I think…), but as soon as I saw the, “We’ll be talking about Gaming World, Shump, and some of the more notorious members there here,” I KNEW that my name *including said game that we won’t speak of here* was going to be mentioned at some point in the podcast. And here at @45:45 – here it is, in all its glory, lol! (I also like how nobody talks about *said game* the game, just the member instead, lol. Well...Nessiah talked about it a bit, so I consider her cool in my books.)

(Also, speaking of Nessiah - man, you really have a good memory for all of these things! I don’t even remember 80% of the stuff of what happened over at Gaming World long ago and you seem to have a photographic memory like if Gaming World was still around today (…hey, wait a minute…)!

Yeah…looking back, when it came to how I promoted *said game* on Gaming World - and RMN, to a lesser extent - I think I misinterpreted my general excitement with unnecessary hype - which is really what it was. I was just overall excited that I was FINALLY going to finish something for once, especially after all of those previous years of bad luck, hard drive wipes, drama at home, that I think I talked about *said game* a lot more than I should have when I really should have just calmed down, worked hard on the project, and only picked key intervals to talk about or discuss about said game. Because too much hype, especially back then (although, to be fair, some people did care about *said game*) can kill a project before it even comes out, especially if it doesn’t happen to deliver on the goods. Although *said game* isn’t particularly a BAD GAME (in my opinion), it just was promoted as if it was the next coming of Christ (which it really wasn’t...).

But, hey, I was excited back then. And I was still a bit of a noob at the time when it came to promoting and talking about certain things, so I learned a lot about what to do and not to do in the future. I mean, everybody that has made a game before in the past, especially first-time projects, have probably hyped up their shit before like mine to a similar extent and was destined to fail too, so I don’t feel too bad now. And, in an ironic sense of fate, if I didn’t promote *said game* like madness like I did back then, most people today wouldn’t even know what *said game* even is and it would probably just be another game floating down the forgotten gaming ganges. Still, nowadays, I keep quiet until the time is right to show something off, like release something events, and such.

And, yeah, it’s sad to think about why Gaming World ultimately failed, but, in some weird way, RMN today basically represents what Gaming World SHOULD have been back then: still focusing on what made it popular and cater to its userbase at the time, which was RPG Maker, but still allowing for games made with other engines to still flourish and promote themselves on the site. So, in a weird way, RMN is basically like Gaming World is in an alternate timeline where they decided NOT to be stupid and try to become something like TigSource or GameJolt was. But, hey, at least leafo managed to somewhat get his wish when he eventually created I remember hearing about that long ago and was like, “Huh...that's something.”

Oh, and Craze, I got banned about eight times, I believe, as I still hold the record for the most bans on this site. (Although helazz is starting to catch up on my record as of late, so…shit.)

You guys ok with the Corona Virus/covid19?

So...even with new social distancing rules in Canada that can be punishable by fines - or even jail time - for businesses and large groups of people who don’t happen to comply with the new rules, it’s maddening to go out for a walk (by myself, of course) and still see large groups of people play full blown soccer games, basketball, or even cricket in the park without a care in the world... Heck, there’s even some people bringing their kids to the playgrounds still, touching, and riding the various equipment there and playing with other kids, and it’s like, “Do you guys even know what’s going on with all of the news and all that around here lately?” It’s insane!

Luckily, though, the playgrounds have recently just been taped off (not completely dismantled), and they’ve either locked up access to some of the sports fields, or just removed things entirely, such as the hockey and the lacrosse nets and the basketball hoops. And although I’ll personally miss playing basketball in the park for…at least a little while, if it happens to prevent someone from getting CoVid19 and possibly save lives (including my own), then I’m down for that. Besides, I can still work out here at home if push comes to shove, as we have a spin bike, rowing machine, weights…and many other do-dads.

And I’ve also noticed (and maybe it’s just me and the area that I live in) that people seem more… nicer and more pleasant than before, I dunno. Really, the only rude person that I’ve encountered thus far since the CoVid19 thing was this one impatient guy at the grocery store who didn’t wanna go in the long lineup that they had (because they had to check every single customer to see if they’re following the rules about how much of one particular item that you’re allowed to buy, along with making sure there’s not too many individuals crowded together at one single checkout for social distancing purposes) and he tried to cut in front of me and when I reminded him that the line was over there, he just told me to “Shut the bleep up and mind your own f’in business,” or whatever. After a bit of a shouting match, one of the security guards noticed the whole thing and told the individual to behave himself and be patient and wait in line like the rest of us but he just stormed off and said that this was “BS”, or something, and just left, lol.

Toilet Paper is still a b**ch to find, though. Even if you decide to go to the grocery store early in the morning, you ain’t finding it out in the wild (for at least a little while). But at least I can find and get some bread, pasta, ground chicken and turkey meat now that I couldn’t find before. It seems like some of the panic buying has died down a little bit here, so you can find still plenty of things in the grocery store now no problems, regardless of what time you go.

I didn't think this would be how society ended, but here we are, one week after all unnecessary human contact was permanently banned, and governments worldwide made public assembly illegal forever.

Oh, come on now, LockeZ – it’s not gonna be like that forever! Sooner or later we’ll be able to congregate again. (Although I can’t blame some people who think that there’s some secretive motive going on behind the scenes that they ain’t telling us.)

If this prolongs, many people just can´t hold on that much without concrete and steady goverment help. Society crumbling or internal strife is a possibility I believe

Yeah, that’s the only thing that I’m worried about is how long can various governments (if any) are going to be able to provide relief for people that can’t work or find a job because of CoVid19 and how are they going to be able to pay it back? Canada’s trying to approve an 82 Billion Dollar relief plan right now (which is INSANE for this country) and just how are they planning to pay off that when CoVid19 either gets cured or slows down immensely in the future, raising taxes??? I mean, I can’t blame the government for doing for they have to do right now at this current time, but the fall-out from this is going to hurt a lot of pocket books when it comes time to paying that huge debt off in the future (if we even can).

You guys ok with the Corona Virus/covid19?

Here, in British Colombia, Canada, we have around 183 cases reported thus far and around 9 deaths, I think...??? Either way, it’s like we’re neck-and-neck with the province of Ontario right now in terms of who has the most case of the Corona’s in Canada. (Not that I would like us to win that particular race, lol, or anything).

Yeah, so far in regards to my overall situation, everything is about the same for me besides less traffic on the roads and a lot less people going outside when going for a walk or to try and play basketball in the park. The grocery stores around my area are relativity well-stocked - amazingly (except for finding items like toilet paper, coffee, bread and pasta, as most of you can contest to, are a bit difficult to find right now on the shelves, but not downright impossible) - and I’m relativity stocked up, so I got enough food to last me for around 2 weeks if I really have to hunker down. Nobody that I know of is infected. And I can still work at home and collect that paycheck. So, everything is, actually, all pretty good!

Really, the only thing that the Coronovirus has affected me thus far at all is that my precious National Hockey League has been suspended indefinitely (and will probably end up getting fully cancelled soon along with the NBA and other sports leagues) and the Canucks were SOOOOO close to making it to the playoffs for the first time in five years but then THIS had to happen and ruin all of the fun…! (This is all Loui Eriksson’s fault, him and that 6 million dollar contract of his! *just kidding, Loui*)

I’m trying to be optimistic and hope that the number of cases will either go down significantly in a few weeks, we’ll find a vaccine, or a large number of people who have the virus will fully recover and everything can go back to normal soon. This is definitely something that I never expected would get this bad, but we’ve been through worse before with things like the Spanish Flu and the Black Plague in the past, so this is nothing! Just have to keep calm and hope for the best.

(Oh, and also like Sooz, I'm also doing my best to avoid all of the news as best as possible, as it's nothing but "Corona-this and Corona-that". Well, how 'bout "Corona-shove-it-up-your-butt-with-a-hint-of-lime," thank you!)

Dream of gluttony Review

Yeah, after all of the shit that Sissy had to go through in both playthroughs (especially the second one), I’m hoping that she also managed to find a way out of that forest, found some happiness, and her restaurant is now an amazing success that even Chef Susur Lee would be proud to eat at...

…Oh, who are we kidding; she’s probably either still stuck in that forest on an endless loop, doomed to repeat the same mistakes over-and-over again, or, if she did manage to find a way out, she’s probably dealing with all of the lawsuits filed against her and her restaurant that she probably ran back to that forest and Food Town again in order to get away from all of that shit, lol.

Dream of gluttony Review

Hey, you’re welcome. I had a lot more fun than I thought for this one.

And if it’s any small consolation, I think this game is better than Dreaming Mary, actually. (Sorry accha.)

The Featured Game Thread

Hey…I got one: How ‘bout Heroine’s Quest: The Herald Of Ragnarok made by Raidant? It has a wintery-like setting (due to the spell that’s placed upon the world) that has a solid 8/10 score and a review done by pianotm that was created in Adventure Game Studio out of all things. The last game that was featured on the site that was made in this engine was Ghost Voyage back in 2010, so I think a game made in that engine is probably due for a front page spot, lol.

Plus, I played it about a year ago and, even I’m not very fond of point-and-click / adventure games myself, this game was actually a lot of fun and it definitely has a lot of polish put into it that other games made with the engine don't have, so it would be perfect to feature it sometime during the winter season, even if it’s not necessarily for this December.

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors for featured game?
I feel like it may be too 'rippy' for the front page for fear of being noticed by the mighty squeenix lawgivers :p

At least, that's my theory.

Oh, come on now, don’t worry about those guys. If we’ve had two Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy’s featured on the site in the past and those games used a bunch of edits and rips and UPRC hasn’t had any problems with Square-Enix (as of yet), then I’m sure you’re probably be just fine...

RMN: Review Misao Nominees

So, after much debating (and when I mean that, I mean, like, I spent about 2 minutes thinking about it), I’ve decided that – hey, what the hay – I’ll join in and see if I can get a quick review in before the 30th to score myself an achievo (since I needs more)! I’ve just in the middle of typing the whole thing and will probably get it in before the end of today (or tomorrow at the latest if something happens, like I break my leg, or something).

Now I would imagine that either Hali or Libby are going to check the queue at least one more time before the November 30th deadline comes and goes, right? If it does go, and either one of them are, or both, are busy, and if all the reviews submitted before the deadline happen to get approved afterwards, can we just link our reviews to this page and still get credit for the achievement? Because it would suck to get a review in with 3 or 4 days remaining on the event and still not get that sweet, sweet achievo pie because SOMEONE was too busy playing Pokémon Sword And Shield all this time. *condescending look*

Oh, and I would also score that social media one too, but I don’t use that stuff (because I’m a f**king rebel) - so no next extra achievement for me…! Unless it counts if I told someone at work about it (pfft, probably not).

EnmxDev & Using Our Games

I’m sure it was painful, but when he read the review it must have had him running sacred.

AeroFunk80: “Hello Thief.”
EnmxDev: “- OH SHIT!!!”