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Dream of gluttony Review

Yeah, after all of the shit that Sissy had to go through in both playthroughs (especially the second one), I’m hoping that she also managed to find a way out of that forest, found some happiness, and her restaurant is now an amazing success that even Chef Susur Lee would be proud to eat at...

…Oh, who are we kidding; she’s probably either still stuck in that forest on an endless loop, doomed to repeat the same mistakes over-and-over again, or, if she did manage to find a way out, she’s probably dealing with all of the lawsuits filed against her and her restaurant that she probably ran back to that forest and Food Town again in order to get away from all of that shit, lol.

Dream of gluttony Review

Hey, you’re welcome. I had a lot more fun than I thought for this one.

And if it’s any small consolation, I think this game is better than Dreaming Mary, actually. (Sorry accha.)

The Featured Game Thread

Hey…I got one: How ‘bout Heroine’s Quest: The Herald Of Ragnarok made by Raidant? It has a wintery-like setting (due to the spell that’s placed upon the world) that has a solid 8/10 score and a review done by pianotm that was created in Adventure Game Studio out of all things. The last game that was featured on the site that was made in this engine was Ghost Voyage back in 2010, so I think a game made in that engine is probably due for a front page spot, lol.

Plus, I played it about a year ago and, even I’m not very fond of point-and-click / adventure games myself, this game was actually a lot of fun and it definitely has a lot of polish put into it that other games made with the engine don't have, so it would be perfect to feature it sometime during the winter season, even if it’s not necessarily for this December.

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors for featured game?
I feel like it may be too 'rippy' for the front page for fear of being noticed by the mighty squeenix lawgivers :p

At least, that's my theory.

Oh, come on now, don’t worry about those guys. If we’ve had two Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy’s featured on the site in the past and those games used a bunch of edits and rips and UPRC hasn’t had any problems with Square-Enix (as of yet), then I’m sure you’re probably be just fine...

RMN: Review Misao Nominees

So, after much debating (and when I mean that, I mean, like, I spent about 2 minutes thinking about it), I’ve decided that – hey, what the hay – I’ll join in and see if I can get a quick review in before the 30th to score myself an achievo (since I needs more)! I’ve just in the middle of typing the whole thing and will probably get it in before the end of today (or tomorrow at the latest if something happens, like I break my leg, or something).

Now I would imagine that either Hali or Libby are going to check the queue at least one more time before the November 30th deadline comes and goes, right? If it does go, and either one of them are, or both, are busy, and if all the reviews submitted before the deadline happen to get approved afterwards, can we just link our reviews to this page and still get credit for the achievement? Because it would suck to get a review in with 3 or 4 days remaining on the event and still not get that sweet, sweet achievo pie because SOMEONE was too busy playing Pokémon Sword And Shield all this time. *condescending look*

Oh, and I would also score that social media one too, but I don’t use that stuff (because I’m a f**king rebel) - so no next extra achievement for me…! Unless it counts if I told someone at work about it (pfft, probably not).

EnmxDev & Using Our Games

I’m sure it was painful, but when he read the review it must have had him running sacred.

AeroFunk80: “Hello Thief.”
EnmxDev: “- OH SHIT!!!”


Sweet! I was wondering when we were going to have another Release Something Event. It’s been like three whole years since the last one.

(Lol, I hope I have something to show off by that time.)

EnmxDev & Using Our Games

Jesus… First we had Garnudo Games doing this kind of shit and now this idiot. Great…!

It’s really quite sad to see some people resort to doing something like this. I know that times are tough and all that and making a game is quite a lot of work for some, but how you do feel pride in yourself by ripping off someone’s hard work like this??? Either way, it’s a scummy tactic. And I worry that if this kind of shit continues in the future that a lot of users are going to think twice about uploading their games on sites like RMN because it might have a high probability of probably getting stolen and sold off for money, even if it was attended on just being freeware.

I guess the best thing to do is to just take them down one at a time and keep our heads up.

I did naht see de mods

show me the originals

I’m afraid that’s now behind a paywall.


Patience, young padawan. Patience.

(Besides, it's not even bloody October yet.)

It's my birthday! Happy undeath to me!

The crowns didn't fit on my head either ;w;
damn, how big is your head

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