So my hometown team has become bad again and has no hope to make the playoffs this year, but yet I still watch the games anyway. Am I crazy, or am I just blindly holding on to false hope?

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  • 03/03/2017 10:55 AM


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I know I could be doing so many other things besides watching the games this late into the regular season, such as finishing up some of these blasted reviews that I’ve put on hold for a while, log-in and post something on RMN (which has become a rarity lately), or work on one of my many projects that never seem to get done or showcased that much, but I always never seem to do either of those things and keep on watching the team lose late into the evening. It’s weird, you know? Last season was like this too. I guess it’s hard to turn away when you’ve invested fifteen years into the same program over and over again and I guess you wanna see what still happens to them at the end, huh?

I would say that come April I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands to do more things around here and stuff, but then the Stanley Cup Playoffs will begin around that time - and I like watching that too, so it looks I’ll be wasting all of my free time on hockey until at least sometime in June, lol.
No, it has become a habit. Plus, you don't usually quit habits that easily. They die hard, as always. And no, this is quite normal.

Though, if you're optimistic, you're just blindly holding on to false hope that could change prior to any happenings.
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From what I understand of sports fans, this is normal behavior.
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I am wearing my Oilers shirt right now!
Watching hockey is good and fun and I recommend it
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