Happy Canada Day (and not to mention also Free Agency Day)

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  • 07/01/2017 11:43 AM


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Not only is it the 150th, but some people are going to get paid a LOT of money by signing with new teams by the end of this weekend. Hopefully those said teams don’t pay too much and don’t screw themselves over for too long (I'm looking at you, Canucks.)

Hopefully you guys happen to party hard and have fun and stay safe wherever you're celebrating from.

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Happy Canada Day, RMN!
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There was a lot of activity on Free Agent day. Much more than I anticipated, given the lacklustre crop this year.

...maybe that's why? No waiting for the "BIG FISH" to sign somewhere, and instead just going after what you want.
I don't know nothing 'bout this here Free Agency Day thing. Seems to be nothin' more'n a FAD, is all (hrhrhr!)

Happy Canada Day.
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